Diagnosis *sigh* :(

Sooooooo its official. I finally got my diagnosis today. I have PSA :(

I knew I had it, google helped me diagnose myself lol. But took me 3 months to get into a rheumy and get the actual diagnosis. Did knowing already make today any easier, NO. I am pretty depressed, I guess that lil tiny part of me was hoping I was wrong :(

Mine hit me fast and is on way to many joints. Wrists, 3 fingers, jaw, hips, knee and feet. I think thats it but enough for sure.

So couple weeks ago the day of testing he prescribed some lil drug that did nothing really and today with the diagnosis he prescribed Methotrexate and Folic Acid along with pain pills of course. He mentioned the hair loss and mouth sores and to be honest it scares me. I also know that im in pain and MUST take meds. I will just pray no side effects or minimal as possible. Also mentioned no alcohol. Now im not a drinker but 2-3 times a year I go out to eat with hubby and will have a margarita or 2 so does that mean none of that ever again and if so WTF?

Anything else I should know about the Methotrexate? Warnings?



Hi there Tonya,
I'm sorry you feel so down, I can relate to how you're feeling........its tough.
All I can tell you about Methotrexate (MTX) is what I experienced over the last year or so ( I started MTX in July last year) I was very frightened to take it after reading about what damage it could do. It is a serious drug and the side effects are well documented but also remember that Pharmaceutical companies have to put everything up there to avoid being sued. The main problem I've had is overwhelming tiredness for a day or so after dosage, nausea hits me about 4-6 hours after taking but I now take it at bedtime so I don't notice it too much. Sore gums occassionally and loose bowels the day after taking.
A collegue, who's a renal doctor, told me its a good drug if it works and you tolerate it and to make sure I drink plenty of water to help flush my system.
My liver is doing fine up to this point, fingers crossed, as I had my bloods done yesterday.

There are quite a few newly diagnosed people on here and hopefully you'll be able to support each other too

Good luck, I hope the drug works for you x

Welcome to Living with PsA ... sorry about the diagnosis. It does take some time to come to terms with what life with PsA looks like.

I'm not on mtx, but have hair loss from another drug and combination of health issues. I'd rather have hair loss than lack of mobility and more pain. Mtx and alcohol don't mix because of the strain mtx puts on your liver.

I hope you find a treatment that works for you - and quickly! Most PsA treatments take a while to work, and some need biologics on top of mtx to get significant relief.

I do have to say congrats on getting a diagnosis in three months - that's quick!

I am one of the new diagnosis here and I can relate to how you are feeling. I am scared also about everything but each time I talk to people I realize that you can live with this. It is a pain to deal with and you will have your good days and your bad but hopefully with the right medical treatment there will be more good ones.

Word of advice, think positively and I know it is not always easy but if you do that will make all the difference in the world.

Hello Tonya, I know it can be over whelming. Just try to take one day at a time. Everyone of us here although similar are very different & react differently on medications. Make sure you continue to see your doctor on a regular basis. Stay informed & involved in all your treatments, what ever your doctor recommends. It will help you feel empowered. Sorry for the diagnosis & PLEASE keep us all posted on your progress. HUGS!!

Hi. It’s sad and I am sorry. I have been in your shoes…still am. Methotrexate for me…pills made it sick…I give myself a shot before I go to bed once a week. It helps. I take meloxicam for anti inflammatory morning and night. It helps. I eat only fruit, veges, and meat. It helps. But I still hurt. My humara is in the fridge . I am scared of it! Lots of emotions with this disease. Exercise! I swim nearly daily. You would think all this would take away all the pain and fatigue. It doesn’t, but it does help. Take time for you…hot baths, massages…I think if I am at peace I am better…except I am a mom of 4 and a middle school teacher so that is nearly impossible! I am sorry about your diagnosis. Stay strong!

The side effects can be as described. If you start to have side effects, they will sometimes increase the folic acid when you are taking MTX. My rheumy says that she has nobody with any real side effects. Personally, I get the very occasional minor mouth sore and nausea.

This is good that you doctor is treating you aggressively. Early and aggressive treatment can make a big difference.

Tonya .. I was diagnosed in April 2011 .. it kinda snuck up on me and really attacked my wrist and knees! MTX really helped .. make sure you keep up with your folic acid!! Very important. It hasn't been easy dealing with all of this .. I have 4 daughters and work full time, so I get tired often, but I also have spurts of energy that sometimes surprise me. Having PSA has been a real eye-opener for me .. I realized that there are a LOT of things that I want to do and I am doing my best to not put them off. When I have the energy, I make sure I get the most out of it. When I'm wiped out, I lay down and rest. I just joined this site and I've already felt a lot of support.