New meds

I saw the doc today. He was very understanding about my issues with methotrexate. I'm so glad. He told me what my options were and let me decide. He even offered for me to think about it and come back when i decide. I'm going to try the sulfa meds...supposed to be milder and take a while to work but worth a try. I'd rather take pills every day than feel the way I did on methotrexate.

It's nice to feel a glimmer of hope.

That is fantastic! Thank goodness for the great doctors out there who really listen and provide lots of options. I hope the sulfa meds work well for you!

I've just been given the option on starting on the Sulfa meds rather than straight into the Methotrexate. I totally agree with you that I'd rather take pills every day than MTX weekly. It is so refreshing to speak to a Doctor who doesn't just automatically stick you on MTX!

Fingers crossed that the Sulfa meds work for both of us :-)

It does help a great deal to have a doctor who is understanding. Sounds like he gave you the control & I have come to learn the value of that. So often with PsA we all feel so out of control of what is happening to our own bodies. Being pro active helps one feel more in control. Best of luck to you & please do keep us posted on your progress.