Started my methotrexate this evening! Praying it helps and no side effects!

Hi! Good luck with the MTX!! Is it the pills or injections that you are taking? Hope it works well for you!

Unfortunately, my husband had many side effects with MTX and it was not that effective for him. It did not help his pain at all. He took both the pills & the injections. He had nausea, diarrhea, severe insomnia, migraine headaches lasting almost all week after his injection, fatigue, deep muscle pain and cramps, and loss of appetite and mood swings to name a few. This does not mean that MTX will not be beneficial for you though!! It certainly may! Everyone is different as you will see. What may help one person may certainly not help someone else. So do not let be discouraging to you. There are many who have done well on MTX!! You have to give it some time, as some side effects if you have any at all, can dissipate after some time. We're all different.

So I'm praying it will all be positive treatment for you and I wish you good luck and some pain relief taking MTX!!

Take good care!


Ooh I started taking mtx for the first time last week (combined with prednisone) - we could be mtx buddies! . I am on tablets at once a week and took the first lot last Wednesday. I haven’t had any side effects yet so perhaps that comes later. The prednisone has given instan relief and actually did a full gym work out yesterday. Last week I was using a walking stick to get about! Amazing stuff.

I hope mtx works for me too. Tried plaquenil which actually seemed to make me worse so am desperately hoping this is right for me.

Thks Weezee i'm on the pills ! Yeah Gwynneth let be buddies, iim on pills too, took 4 last night, I'm also on Humira

but it isnt helping the pain alone. I haven't tried prednisone as I just started with this DR. and she hasn't really diagnosed me as having PsA she wants to see how I do with this. Hopefully well as I am in so much pain I feel like I can't stand it some days. I WOULD LOVE TO B ABLE TO WORK OUT CAN BARELY WALK SOME DAYS AND AM STILL WORKING FULL TIME.

How long have you been on Humira? The biologics are funny things. It almost seems like you wake up one morning and something funny is going on. You almost don't realize whats funny is you got out of bed :-) I moived around for almost day before I figured out I was in some state of normal... It had been 12 years. After a while some Doc will start to key in on specific pain. Some start with a course of predi to catch up quickly and then start with specific areas.

The other thing that will amaze you (or suprise you) is all the NEW pain you will get! Its WONDERFUL. I spent the better part of a day raking the yard. When I came into the house I was so sore I could hardly move. It wasn't until my wife told me well of course you are anyone would be......... To be sore from over doing WOW (careful in the gym Gywneneth.....)

Life is FAR from perfect but funny things start to happen... You laugh! That's rare for some of us. Suddenly all those wedges and pillows you use to get your body in the right position to sleep have some creative uses too (speaking of laugh)Without even realizing it you have walked the part of the gallery tour on First Friday nights. Next month you walk even further because they are also sampling a new vintage at the reception up the street and YOU can participate because you aren't taking any supplementral pain med that night

Your cane makes me laugh Gywnneth.... I had pretty good flare a while back and I needed mine. Darned if I could find it. Offered my Grand kids a bounty for whoever found it. We had great fun looking. (It was in the car in case I had a need while out - good advise I have had a need)

Heres the thing with the meds we hear two words "Better" and " working" a lot understand that for us who have been on the this road for a while they mean the same thing. And in every case they are ADJECTIVES and never nouns or adverbs. We are "better" meaning we are not like we were before. When you learn to cherish "different" (in a good way) than we were before. You can do so much more.... And when you do more your range of motion increases, muscle mass maintains (or increases) allowing you to better deal with the downs.

One word of caution Flares will come and when you are new to "better" they seem so much more devestating, BUT stay active and you soon realize even in the midst of a flare you are most often still "better" than you were before you started active treatment.. I'll bet it sneaks up on you too Aching... There will be a day you come home from work and will want to try a new recipe..... What a VICTORY!!!!!

Aching - go back to dr, chain yourself to their desk and refuse to leave until they have given you some pain relief (painkillers/prednisone/whatever). Even if you haven’t had a PsA diagnosis, you are clearly not well and you need something.

Now the prednisone has kicked in I realise how ‘absent’ I was through fatigue and pain. Now I am with it again! As TNT says, it is truly amazing to remember what normal is. I’ve even gone I the gym again today to check everything still works!

Well so far MTX seems ok a little nausea but already feel a small difference in my hands and feet. I know there is no miracle but so glad to have something to help me, tntlamb thks for info and have been on Hunmira about 2 years but pain kept getting worse and derm sent me to rheum doc, have been to four different family docs with no help and not ever mentioned PsA so a pamplet in my derms office and questioned him about the pain and he sent me to rheum just this past month.

I didn’t realise you shouldn’t take the folic acid supplement on the same day as the mtx so I think by taking them at the same time just cancelled the mtx out! Shall know for next Wednesday…

Yeah started mine the day after, but I don't know if it cancels it out.