Totally new to this!

Thanks for the warm welcomes! I had my first MTX injection two days ago, felt ok with it. But I was wondering if the starting dosage of 15 mg as injection is common or should it be lower? Maybe someone can help me with this please?

Hey libra,

i was talking 6 pills (15mg) and am now on the same dose by injection. Week 7. Hope this helps. best to you!

Thanks Janeatiu for your reply, yes it helps to get confirmation, that other start on the same dose. What are your side effects by now?

Libra, my worst symptoms were nausea from the pills. The injections are much better. I take it Saturday late afternoon. Wipes me out completely on Sunday (both pills and injections so the same to me). Right now I'm experiencing a lot of sharp joint pain (feels like I'm being zapped with an electric shock). These have started in the last couple of weeks and begin 24-48 hours ahead of my injection day and continue most of Sunday. I'm not sure if this is the methotrexate working or not working. I still am on a full 20mg prednisone which will be tapered when methotrexate is doing what it is supposed to. Rheumatoogist at start of December. I need some answers!

Janeatiu, your comment helps me a lot. Although I guess I can consider myself a real beginner in this “field of experience”, because my symptoms are not as bad compared to all of yours. My pain and stiffness started about one year ago, now the pain is worse and sometimes I can’t do the things I like to do without pausing or not at all. My psoriasis is only on the inside, at least right now. I used to have it as a teenager up to age 28-30. Then it went away slowly. So my mind is not ready to accept this diagnosis and I am still fighting it. Looking for other ways to improve or slow down this disease. I hate taking meds.!!! I am so confused about all the different things I read and hear. Well, just a big thank you for,taking the time to write me. Blessings to you!


I'm new to this, too. Keep digging deep into the posts on here. There are TONS of useful hints, suggestions and so forth. And if you can't find an answer, ask a question (like you did). Someone will have a suggestion.

I had (and have to a far lesser extent) really bad fatigue at diagnosis. The prednisone helped with this, as did a serious set of vitamins and supplements (approved by rheumatologist). And I switched to a gluten free diet to see if it helped reduce inflammation. The jury's still out, but I'm willing to make the change. Dietary exclusions are next (after the holidays) to test dairy, potatoes and the other things I like to eat ;)

I have really mild psoriasis on my scalp which has been bad lately--partly due to a failed attempt to taper off prednisone. For some people a reduction causes a psoriasis flare-up. That's just unfair in my book, but I don't make the rules. I'm also becoming acutely aware of the negative role stress plays in all this. I used to think I had a handle on it--hahahahahahahah. I was delusional! Resting and relaxing are hard for me--I tend to feel like a malingerer if I do. I'm learning to set that judgment aside. I rest when I need to. I do the best that I can do. That has to be good enough for me and for anyone else around.

I hope you find some answers on here and other places. Best to you! ~Jane

Hi Jane!
I think the hardest thing for me is to accept first that I have PsA and second that MTX is the only way to,slow it down. After my first injection last Friday I lost 4 lbs due to diarrhea and no appetite what so ever. I told my rheumi and he suggests to lower my starting dose to 7.5 mg due to my sensitivity to meds. I told him that I need some more time to digest the whole situation. Is that stupid? I mean I just want to ask,more,questions, find answers and see what other options are out there. I see my holistic doctor today and also my Ayurvedic practitioner. As you can tell by now, I am into all this. I believe in the power of healthy eating and a healthy mind. And I also believe in taking time to,relax and de-stress. I know my psoriasis in the past always came on with stress, which I had a lot! But now, I seem to be in a pretty calm state of mind and BAM! There is this diagnosis hitting me.
Well, thanks,for,letting me vent and also for being my friend here!

Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

Hey Libra,

yeah--the methotrexate is scary but the prospects of what will happen if the PSA is left unchecked is even worse. Glad you've got some other types of interventions to add to the medical model. Keep up with the folic acid as it can help the tummy troubles. And be sure you're getting enough vitamins. If you haven't, consider having a full blood panel done. Most of us with autoimmune illnesses are horribly vitamin D deficient. Be sure you're he;ping yourself with that by taking a LARGE supplement. I work with my OB/GYN who is big into supplements. I take a daily vitamin powder that has just about everything I need but I still take omega 3, calcium,vit D and zinc (another deficiency for me) on top of that powder. The powder has been really helpful fighting off my fatigue. This is what I take: Vitamin powder.

I, too, believe in positive thought, treating yourself right, eating good and healthy food, exercise, rest etc. And yet some days I can't get out of my pajamas. And food just seems not worth the hassle. So I have emergency snacks for those days that help me through. There is a LOT to take on with this diagnosis. Taking time to think is NOT a silly thing to do. But I would keep taking the medicine as you're thinking. Until you know how aggressive your own PSA case is, take no risks. And if oatmeal is all you can handle right now, have the best, tastiest oatmeal on the planet!!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'm taking a break between cooking chores for a rest. Still in my PJs and bathrobe at 11:45. Oh well!! No one is coming until 2:00pm. Time for a nap! Cheers, Jane

Jane, I hope you had a great thanksgiving. We did take it easy and had a nice salmon with rice and veggies. I did not inject myself again today. I want to wait a little. See how everything is developing with my natural remedies. I have a plan and i will give it a try. I believe that the mind is one of the strongest organs in your body and I need to find a way to use this power. I know it may sound crazy or… If it doesn’t work, I go back to the MTX. I will keep you posted.