Enbrel, methotrexate and difficulty with word retrieval

My "brain fog" has worsened lately and people in my life are starting to notice that I have difficulty finding the right words for things. I am 52 and have been on enbrel for 6 months and methotrexate for many years. I am starting to worry.Ironically "I forget to tell the dr" when I see him. Should I make a call and report this symptom or is this life with PSA?

Clearly everyone has periods like this at some point or another. It got very bad for me when I was on MTX, and improved when I went off. That said, if it's of concern to you, then by all means, give a call and let them know that you are concerned. Hormonal changes could be involved as well, just to throw that in. There are also questions of family history.

Sometimes I get very frustrated seeking answers to some of these more vague things. They are of concern, but the amount of testing that goes with them is just too much sometimes. Bring it up. And, keep a list of questions/concerns for the doctor for next time you go in, and just read off your list next time you go in. I do this frequently.

Makes sense. Thanks for checking in. I worry about losing ground at work with a demanding job, needing to have my wits about me.