Dr visit tomorrow

Going for my 2nd Rheumatologist appointment tomorrow. Is there anything I should be aware of?

I'm going to ask him if there's any relation to the prescription and short term memory loss. I'm finding myself very forgetful recently. Also my co-worker notices it too. She was trying to talk to me about something that happened a few weeks ago and I could not remember any of it. That is something that just doesn't happen to me at all. I had a very good memory and could remember every detail of events.

There is a relationship between autoimmune disease and short term memory problems, iirc. I know my short term memory is horrible. The brain fog is even worse.

I have the same problem. I am always forgetting things I just talked about the day before. Makes work difficult - I have to write EVERYTHING down these days.

I carry a pink leather journal with me and write everything down. I forget so much that I even wrote down the process for doing laundry- sorting, temp.- dryer- no dryer. Hope that helps.

Well, the Dr appt was today. I'll be starting Methotrexate tablets along with the Sulfasazaline and Celebrex. They also want me to take Prednisone but not until after I get a Tuberculosis 2 step skin test which is now scheduled and will take until May 10th.

The Dr suggested the memory loss part is not from the meds. Although I still know I had a good memory while having PSA before taking the meds. His student also suggested that if the Celebrex isn't working well to try switching to Ibuprofen for a week as I found that after taking Ibuprofen for a headache I didn't have pain in my feet or hips.

My hands were still swollen and they (Dr and student) noticed that my left pinky is also now inflammed that wasn't at my last visit 2 months ago. This is one of the reasons to start me on Methotrexate.

I have the same issue memory loss fatigue and major headaches and my rhumey told me to add a bcomplex supplement to my daily vitamins and fish oils its helped a bit but no major changes however its only been a few weeks

I also have noticed the short term memory loss...People will be talking to me about something and then a few mins later ask me about it and then I completely even forget what we were talking about!! Frustrating!

Coconut oil is something I have just started, it will help with memory loss. This site has made me feel human again, I really thought I was going crazy before I found this. I am sad we are all going through this but I am so glad to have found the support!

Hello Libby,

I assume you are ingesting it, if correct, how much, and do you also have psoriasis? Hope it helps you!


I keep reading a lot about coconut oil and think I will try some. If I can remember that is LOL I believe the dosage is 1 or 2 teaspoons a day? Will investigate this option again. I would love more info though especially if you think it is helping.

I can relate too! I call it my "brain fog. " Seems like I can hear what's going on, I just can't react at times. I too write everything down, so I won't forget. I don't take Mtx or biologics, so I believe it's releated to the PsA in my case, not the meds. Hope you feel better soon. How did you come out at the Rheumy?

Lainee, that appointment was in April and I had already commented on it. I have another next week, but I don't expect any change.

I have been seeing my neurologist since Nov of last year due to a car accident I was in. I mentioned I had short term memory issues. To make a long story short after several tests to include a PET scan I have been diagnosed with dementia!! Supposedly autoimmune diseases can cause dementia. I would seriously suggest everyone to NOT overlook short term memory problems. Hope this can help someone.