Enbrel and "brain fog"

Hi everyone, just wanted to check if anyone is experiencing the same problems as me. I know a lot of you have commented previously on Psa causing brain fog, memory problems, but a lot of people say it has improved once they are taking biologics. I seem to be the other way around. I have had Psa for 13years and have been on Mtx for 8 years. Started Enbrel 14 months ago and in the last 6 months do seem to be experiencing more and more "brain fog" - forgetting words, struggling to concentrate etc. Has anyone else had this? I am hoping it is the Embrel or the Psa and not the start of the dreaded alzheimers!!! Scaring me a bit, my Mum had alzheimers but it did not start until she was 86 I am only 63!! Hope you guys are going to make me feel better?!! thanking you all in advance.

Hi Tasha, I can see where you'd be scared about the brain fog. But, put it into perspective--your mom's Alzheimer's wasn't until she was in her 80s, AND brain fog is a PsA symptom. Maybe the Enbrel isn't working as well as it should. I'm thinking, just because your mom had Alzheimer's doesn't mean you will. My mom's dad had Alzheimer's starting in his 70s and my mom is 90 and no signs of it yet. She had 6 brothers who didn't have it, either. I have memory lapses, too, and use wrong words sometimes, but I try not to let it worry me. If you're really uncertain, though, maybe a talk with your doctor will ease your mind!