New Doc

Yesterday was my first visit to my new doc. Luckily they took me in before my scheduled appt. date because I needed my Simpoini. He seems very eager to help me. We spent 1 1/2 hours going over my medication list. Yes it's that long. ACK!!! I go back on the 30th. By this time he should have all my paperwork looked over and have a better understanding about what is going on, and what isn't. I had so much anxiety about going yesterday. I had to go alone because my caregiver had another client at that time. I normally go no where alone, but I did it and I survived it. Hopefully something good comes out of all this change.

It sounds to me as if there are already good things coming out of this change. Your new doc didn’t shrug and say he didn’t know what was wrong with you. He took a lot of time getting as much information as he could about you. You’re going back fairly soon. I think things are looking up for you, MiP! Good luck with the next apppointment.