Markers are all coming down, treatment working

My markers are all coming down. He gives me copies of my lab work. I am really in no pain. That is amazing to me. The pain was so hard to live with. I hate that my heart is fluttering. Today I have to get hooked up to an EKG. Just to make sure nothing bad is going on.

No pain is good. I'm sure the test will be fine.

EKG was good but he is concerned about me gaining 8 lbs overnight. Edema. Tonight I am throbbing below my knee front of leg. I get one thing fixed then something else starts. Never had cardio issues or throbbing in my leg.

The sulfazine helped my colitis and diarrhea cramping but now am very constipated. The constipation may be causing my leg to throb. Used an enema but even it didn't work. Cardiologist thinks verapamil caused edema. My regular cardiologist won't be in till tomorrow. He will prob switch the verapamil.

Keeping you in my mind mom5. It's sure hard to deal with the everlasting issues......

Sybil, I'm sure my diet is to blame. Not drinking enough water. Not nearly enough fruits and vegetables in my diet. I bought some fruit and vegetables I can snack on. My diet is not good at all. Thank you, crazylady, and everyone. I am doing so much better as far as pain and energy. My heart went off rhythm for a couple of days. Everything is fine now. It was just an unlucky side effect of diclofenac. I think my constipation is now under control as well. I hope that I will continue responding this well to treatment.

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better mom5. It is difficult to keep enough of the fresh fruit and veggies to snack on and so very hard to find things that are not to difficult to prepare/open that contain these good things. I have a VERY hard time opening the deli containers that the pre-cut veggies come in. I usually prepare ( or ask someone to help)any thing I buy fresh all at once on a good day and store in easy open zipper bags so I can grab a good thing if I find myself grazing :) I have found the dried fruit section of the bulk foods department available at some stores makes it easier to keep handy snacks in an open container on the counter, ( portion for one day) next to a water bottle so I remember to use both. I have a tendency to want to eat all of the time so I make sure I can only eat what I can open without help, for me this cuts out anything I have to squeeze or twist or pull apart and it also makes for a healthier diet in the long run I feel. These are just a few of the things I have found that improve my daily quality of life by keeping myself healthier. Keep up the good work. you are worth it!!