Visit with Rheumy today

Went to my rheumy today. We discussed continuing the simponi. That I am having 50% reduction in pain and stiffness. basic tumeric is not helping totally and I am not sleeping all night. I brought up the interlukins and where are we in that. I can do a study but you never know if you are getting the medication and it may cause a bigger problem. He suggest it that we talk about this again in 3 months. We talked about something for pain that will last through the day. I went to pharmacy and it wasn't there!!! oh no!!! so he is not in the office tomorrow and I have to track down his nurse. As we came out of the exam room he got waylaid by a drug rep. However, I heard him say to the drug rep their copay card was not good and didn't help his patients with the huge cost of meds. That rocks.

We did talk about primary wanting me to take BP meds but it has only been 118/74 at work and he said no need. We talked about the cholesterol being up and how inflammation causes that because ghee whiz your body produces cholesterol to help heal inflammation. So he said take the zocor every 3 days. She is excited because she thinks she won the debate. LOL!!!

Unfortunately my feet are swollen and hurt. The bengay ice is helping some so it is tumeric and my heating pad again. Sorry to ramble.

sounds like your rheum is a good guy. So sorry ypur feet hurt. good luck with the pain meds. I too went the pharmacy yesterday and they did not have my meds.kenalog. It will be intommorrow. Now I am having seconds thoughts about the shot even though I know it be a big help :::: sigh:hope your feet getbettersoon

yes it is.

My spine is so sore you cannot touch it in several places. gahhhhhhhh what to do ? I have only had a steroid high from bleedout from an ankle shot never from the intramuscular shot ,although I was in bad shape for that one. go figure. They still freakme out :)

yes I had the shot Monday last. I feel normal with a little hip pain. I havetaken it easy all week as I dont want the pain to return. Back on round the clock tylenol and hoping this shot will give a boost that will last all winter . I can only hope :)