Good test results

I just had a slew of bloodwork done on Monday, to test for about 10 different things. I was very worried about diabetes (why I went to see my primary), because my glucose was slightly elevated for fasting, and slightly higher than that after eating a muffin (ie, wasn't in the normal range for either). Apparently one of the blood tests measures how much blood glucose fluctuates over the past 3 months.

All my tests came back normal! I am NOT diabetic, do not have thyroid problems, anemia, or a whole host of other things.

I'm still seeing a cardiologist in a few weeks because I get faint and my heart pounds upon any exertion, and I think I'm going to faint (even walking up the stairs sometimes). Plus with autoimmune disease I'm at higher risk of cardiovascular problems, so better safe than sorry in this case. No one in my family is diabetic or has cardiovascular issues, but because of all the steroids I took as a child I wouldn't be surprised if I had either.

So for now, one VERY good piece of news. YAY!

I had a complete breakdown last night feeling like I couldn't deal with *one more thing*, but I don't have to. Such a relief, as I'm smack in the middle of waiting for meds to get working and I feel AWFUL.

That's great! I'm waiting for my blood work to come back from last week, but I'm expecting it should all be okay. I had all of the monitoring for meds, plus from the primary care dr. I even made sure that they did my HbA1c and Vit D levels.

Marietta, Happy Dance for you on your good bloodwork <3,<3!! I am really sorry your are feeling badly but am glad you are well on your way to answers and relief.