Starting off with a Bad Week

Well, guessing it is gonna be a rough week. Went to my regular doc today, she was only one I could get in to see quickly. my hands are swollen and I feel horrid. My hips hurt, my shoulders hurt, my neck and back are killing me. Sometimes I just wanna sit and cry. She wrote me out of work for a week which I definitely need but ugh. Meet with Rheumy tomorrow. Don't have any idea what is coming but something has to happen soon.

It's good that you got seen and can take the week to see your rheumy and get a better handle on what comes next. HUGS!!!

Good luck at the Rheumy....are you going to consider talking to the Rheumy about getting on disability so you don't have to work every day? I don't know how you do it with the pain you are in!!!

Sending you good wishes!

Oh no, I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time right now. I really hope that your Rheumy can offer you some help and relief. Hang in there!!


Sometimes I just don't know how to react. Rheumy simply said "you are being impatient, there aren't that many medications that help with this disease and if you don't give them the time they need to work, then you will have no medicine at all to help." "I don't want to see you for another six weeks". She then roughly grabbed my joints in my hands and asked if this hurt, if that hurt, if this hurt, if that hurt... by the end of the visit I was crying and really hurting. My back was killing me, my knees hurt so bad, my shoulders and hips... uggh....

Oh my gosh, I get so mad hearing all of these stories about careless doctors. I am so sorry- you deserve better!!! At the very least, she should have offered you a decent pain med for the intrim. Is it possible to call in and speak with a nurse and request (insist on) a pain med? It is just unacceptable that you should go through the next 6 weeks without any relief or a break at all. I just don't know what these doctors are thinking.... Hang in there. incredibly insensitive!!! I guess I understand what they are saying about the drugs, although here I am myself complaining about the sulfasalazine not working after 2 months....but the way the doctor treated you, in my opinion, is just rude!!! So sorry to hear that. I think Kyra is right, they should have offered you some pain meds in the mean time to get you through until they do start to work, or at least offer something contstructive....rather than just say "tough it out"!!! So sorry!!!

N_E_X_T I hope your thinking about a Dr. a little more caring than her. Marvelous group just up the road in Winston. And a lot more sensitive to your pain. Hope you feel better. No one should have to recover that badly from a Dr's appointment.