New Rheumy

Today I had my first visit with my new Rheumy. He spent more than an hour taking my history, examining my creaky joints, and discussing next steps. This is probably more time than my previous rheumy spent in a year! So I like this rheumy and plan to stick with him.

His summary is all my issues relate to my PSA. He discussed in depth the pro's and con's of taking the DMARD and Enbrel including what happens the moment I cease taking them. So for now we are going to continue with my meds status quo and re-evaluate in 3 months. I am good with this. I find some peace knowing that I am not crazy and this is real (regardless of how much I don't want any of this)! I will work with finding some sort of peace and/or acceptance and take one day at a time. I can only speak for myself but this is a challenge each day. Will work on it.

Bless all of you for being here and even if I have not met any of you, I find peace knowing I am not alone. Thank you.

Sonna B