Muscle Pain - All Over - What are you doing for it?

For those of you who suffer with large muscle pain, like all the muscles in your back, or all of your legs and arm muscles hurting-what have your doctors told you is the cause? Inflammation or what?

I am not talking about a muscle ache, I’m talking when you stand you want to scream. Or your legs will hardly hold you up. Or it hurts so much when you move that you don’t get out of bed unless you are forced.

Have they suggested a treatment of any kind to help with until it gets better…if it does.

Hey @tamac, man, it sounds like your health issues just keep adding up! I can’t recall, have you been to a specialized pain clinic? You are too young to have this life to look forward to. Don’t give up, find small steps that help even a bit. One of my favourite and common ways to deal with pain is via distraction. Sometimes it’s conversation with others and at other times accomplishing a task that I’ve been avoiding. Also, have you had your chemistry evaluated lately? If deficient on just one mineral, or electrolytes off… muscles can go really wonky. And unless you have a muscle injury, movement is very important to get blood flow and exchange of oxygen in muscles. Not easy to do when you feel lousy but those large muscles gotta work to stay healthy. That’s all I got, wish I could help more.


Have you brought this up to your doctor? It seems like they may want to run tests for other conditions, including myositis

I had blood work run for dermatomyositis as well as a biopsy of a lesion. Came back negative for dermatomyositis and they called it interface dermatitis.

i was put on a muscle relaxer when this happens to me

I have my doc check my lytes everytime I go. Inflammation levels are even low.

I spent some time researching what else could be causing the muscle pain. Myofacial Pain Syndrome is at the top of the list. But, like fibro, there is nothing they can do for it either.

I added Zanaflex to my daily pain meds. It helps some, but puts me to sleep. I am not sure what is going on in my poor body. My knees are shot, but being 50# over weight is killing them. When you don’t do much that burns calories, the only option is to stop eating!

They put my pacemaker in 5 weeks ago. Have more energy! But, three weeks after they put it in, one of the leads came loose. The lower one. Probably my fault. It still works, but they have to fix it. I didn’t know i had to sit on m azz for 6 weeks until scar tissue locks them in. They have to redo it. I told them it would have to wait until I had 6 weeks to sit on my… They are going to fix it on the 11th. I made them wait because I am driving to see the eclipse this weekend.

I hope the pacemaker leads stay put after this. I have too much to do!! Despite the pain, most days, I press forward to do things anyway. Doing things is what pulled the lead out! Once that heals up, I am going to push on, in pain or not…I hope. It may result in me being down for a week or so at a time if I push too hard, but I had/have a summer of things that must be done wiel I can do them.

My hands and finger joints have become an issue the last few months. That has me worried. I do much with them and all my thumb joints hurt and swell.

So, I am driving to Cape Giardou MO Sunday for the eclipse and Dayton Ohio in three more weeks for a HAM Radio thing.

Being retired now, I know longer have the resources to hire someone and point and tell them to do! I’ll just have to do as I can and take it slow.