Memory Loss

Does anyone experience memory loss due to the PsA?I have been having a very difficult time with my short term memory for over a year now (just got diagnosed last month). It's so bad that I now carry a notebook around with me because I won't be able to remember to do things. I even have the directions written down on how the laundry should be done because I forget.

Well I am a perfessionel at memory loss, I can right it on a sticky note, then right it in my blackberry, and even stick it on my forehead, wrap it around my finger and still no luck !!!!!! I have not figured out how to tackel this issue, when at work I have to put all in outlook and have reminderrs or I'm doomed !!!!

Know how you feel ! Hugs!

I have horrible short term memory. I've been making lists for years and HAVE TO put everything on my calendars (online and giant dry erase board) or I'll forget. It doesn't help that I have five kids and all their homeschool stuff to keep track of, I run a non-profit organization and volunteer for several others, have a household to run, etc. etc. etc. I have lots of lists! LOL