I'm back

Hi everyone, It's been a good while I'm some what hanging in there. I had to stop working due to my illness and my copd. Now I'm working on getting my disability. And I would like to know does anyone have trouble with there memory mine seems to be shot lately.

Hi IL-Gal. Glad to hear you're hanging in there. But clearly you've had to make some big decisions lately and have not had an easy time of it.

Memory? Not sure. I think mine's okay. Cognitive stuff seems okay for me when the PsA is under control.

Would you like to re-post this in the Discussion section? The Blog section doesn't get nearly as many views so if you move your post you're more likely to get a discussion about memory going.

Memory???? What memory. I am 47 and when I am having flare ups, which is most of the time, I stay in what I call brain fog. It is horrible.