Low carb is much more than a diet, it's a healthy lifestyle change

' Low-carb eating isn't really a diet- its a return to the type of eating plan we evolved to perform best on- whole foods from the four basic food groups:Food you could hunt,fish, gather ,pluck. It's real food for real health' Dr Johnny Bowden PhD ( JonnyBowden.com)

just a thought have you researched your other family members with inflammatory illnesses- ?

I decided to go gluten free in our house in order to help my daughter with PsA. I noticed that within one week my knee pain was gone. I had heard that gluten affects our joints and now I am a believer. My daughter is continuing to try things (like eliminating wheat) to help her on this journey of PsA. We just take things day by day.

dear Karen, have you looked at the low carb sites for children - I believe there is one called Low carb pediatrician, which may give further insights into your journey. good luck xxx

I am on a high carb raw vegan food plan and I am loving it! My psoriasis patches are going away!! Unbelievable!! And I think the pain in my legs and hip are diminishing too!!!

thats exciting- maybe there are more ways than one to get the balance of fats healthy in your diet. Im so interested in the evolutionary biology of our relationship with fats that it is the way i have chosen. My reading of the work by Lierre Keith, 'the vegetarian myth', a passionate account of a vegan of 20 years , who found her denegenerative illness and depression linked to a low intake of fats made me more inclined to explore the fats I love, and eat more of them. I don't doubt there are other ways to lower inflammation though- the human body has evolved to cope in a varity of places, with a variety of foods- consider the Inuit and the people who have lived successfully in central Africa for millenia. For me, i believe my genome more akin to Northern Europe.This means that fat is very useful to help with the cold, and long periods of time without access to fruit and veg. The body responds to different foodstuffs in amazing ways and it gives the hormone system amazing information.I am sure though that the body responds best when these pathways are uninterrupted by COX 1 and COX 2 inhibitors ie ibruprofen and NSAIDs as these disrupt the natural anti inflammatory effects of Omega 3.Which is probably why it is hard to gain the benefit of an anti inflammatory diet when you are taking DMARds and NSAIDs .