Hey I am going to be controversial . I love my Psa because its my bodies way of telling me I am not looking after it properly

You guys are going to hate me !! Sorry but I want to encourage you to think of your body as tryng to communicate with you. Honest. Please dont treat it as a naughty child who wont do as you want- maybe the metaphor goes even further - like tough love. the question I ask my body is what is it you need - and sure as hell it isn't gut irritants and carbs. It is so much happier when I am so much more careful about everything I put into it- and it responds with reducing the inflammatory response and then we are both so much happier. My body loves water, eggs, butter, green leafy veg , meat and fish. Nothing else apart from some cream and berries. its enough- my weight is stable, I have tons of energy - see how much Ive been writing and reading !!!thank God Ive been listening to its cries of anguish as Ive overloaded it with omega 6, starches, and drugs. It never deserved that xxx