Guess who!? Lol long time no hear from I know. Sry

Dang seems like it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here. Oh wait it’s cause it has been dang sorry about that. My work has been busy to say the least but I have some down time for now and wanted to check in and let everyone know how my psa is going and see how everyone else is doing hopefully we’ll. I’m doing… Well alot better than I was a few months ago if not more. So as I’ve said before I work a job that requires to me run and gun so to speak and with psa in the knees that was a very heavy task to accomplish without major regrets during and after work. But… I found this diet as I’ll call it that has helped me alot to the point that I’m starting to cut back on meds (not recommending cutting back on meds to anyone) but it’s really for me so I thought I would share it. So the diet is pretty simple so simple it sucks alot. I mean it sucks like who would want to do this but I did and still do. So it goes like this. I cut out all processed foods. I only eat fresh whole beef and chicken no pork. I eat alot of fresh veggies. I stay away from all dairy unless you include almond milk as dairy I do drink that. I stay away from gluten and most all breads. Rice is about the only grain I eat. I also drink and all plant based protein that’s gmo free gluten free etc. It’s like going vegan but with beef and chicken. Now I won’t say it’s fun cause it’s not it sucks royal nuts, but it has improved my mobility extremely. Where the was constantly pain there’s only some pain occasionally now. Kneeling is still a pain but is manageable. It’s really go great for me as far as the psa pain goes and I feel all around better and healthier. Hope this helps someone else. Give it a try warning though you will lose weight. I lost around 10lbs which for me was not what I needed to do so the protein shakes came into play. I’m able to jog now which was not even a possibility before my diet or life change with food. Now I do have a high pain tolerance so it plays it’s part in it. But I’m feeling Better than I’ve felt in a long time. I’m finally able to go on long hikes with my wife again. Hope this helps and remember folks you are warriors fighting an unseen enemy everyday so fight hard and never surrender.

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Great! Be careful with the rice though. You might find yourself waking up during the night… You body might want more protein… BTW I have lost nearly 100# on a similar diet since Jan. (I needed to though

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Wow that’s great to hear you feel better due to diet. Your post is really encouraging!

However, I asked my Rheumy to refer me to a dietician and she basically said that no diet can replace the meds. I need to loose a bit of weight so I decided to just cut out gluten (which is the easiest for me and means I can still have my chocolate!! ) I don’t feel better as to pain but I feel less bloated in the stomach which is something.
BTW did my first Humria injection yesterday and no allergic reaction like I had with Enbrel so that’s good!


Speaking of diets…
Your diet, Dougk3, sounds similar to the diet my husband’s cardiologist suggested and my husband took him up on it. There’s a book “The Obesity Code” the cardiologist told him to get so he did…he’s following the diet to a tee!!!
It basically says to be on a 16 or 24-hour fasting schedule. My husband chose the 24-hour one and he only eats between the hours of 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. every day. He can drink as much water, coffee and tea as he likes, but with no additives. He pretty much avoids sugar and carbohydrates, except healthy carbs in vegetables and fruit. He can eat meat and fat is okay. In the first month he’s lost 24 lbs.!!! He eats a large meal between 4:00 and 6:00 and snacks on nuts or fruit during that time. He has no problem on this 24-fasting at all. I would have a problem with that. But, I’m thinking I could handle the 16-hour fasting every day. I could eat between the hours of 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. I think. But, I’m not obese and not sure I’d be able to stick with it…
Just a thought for anybody who wants to lose a large amount of weight and be healthy, too!
My husband has mentioned that he’s had less aches and pains since he’s been on the diet!