Hello to all of you!

Well goodness its been a couple of months since I’ve taken a moment! I am still reading up on all of you I just haven’t taken the time to sit down and post anything! I guess you all get it huh!? Im raising a teenage son thats 15, and boy, I wish he would have came with a instruction manuel! I wont go into great details but if any of you have had these rough moments, I know you can relate! I am doing GREAT as far as how i feel! I have been really trying to exercise and keep this PsA under control as much as possible! I have managed to lose 23 pounds since starting Humira! I feel better so I actually can push myself a little! Been walking 4 miles in the mornings before work and riding my new bike between my day and night work! I hope all of you are ok! Grandma J, my feet dont hurt!!! YAY!

It does all of so much good, Rhea, when people post good news! It’s so good for those of us who are still struggling to know that yes, there is hope after a PsA diagnosis. Sounds like you’ve been really busy, so thank you for taking a few minutes to touch base with us, and for giving some us a smile.

Great news, Rhea--I mean, about your feet! Mine feel much better too-no swelling, but the bones are sore most of the time. I think that's irreversible damage but I don't care--they're still a LOT better than before Enbrel.

Teenagers, boys and girls, can be such a challenge! I don't divulge their past "sins"-especially to my extended family because they all have big mouths. But our only boy, now 35, put us through absolute hell more than a few times. There was lots of tension during his high school years, and once he was in college, less fighting with us but he still caused us a lot of worry. Looking back, getting our first 2 children through those teenage years was probably the biggest challenge we ever had. Just don't give up on him, no matter what! You will want to throw in the towel. I know of people who kicked their kids out. I just couldn't do that. We definitely never considered ourselves expert parents, either. You do wish there was a manual to get all the answers and the outcome would be just what the book said. But there isn't. We did get counseling a few times for a couple of our kids--that's how bad it was!

So hang in there! That 35 year old is an Electrical Engineer and works hard and has a good life. Actually he and his wife just announced (yesterday on our daughter's wedding day) that they are expecting their first child!!! :-)