Thank you, you all have been so helpful!

Wanted to start off by saying thank you to all on this website! It has been a little over a year now that I got hit with PSA. I haven't posted but have been doing a lot of reading, your post have helped me so much with understanding PSA. I am in a lot better place now then last year thanks to a great Dr. who cares and the information I have learned. On Mxt injections right now and probably switching to Enbrel in a few weeks. Still have joint pain, stiffness and fatigue just about everywhere but so much better now with the Meds. Exercise and change of diet have also helped. I now eat healthy and instead of killing myself at the gym I joined an aquatic center and swim. The hardest thing for me was giving up some of the activities that I loved, like hiking and skiing. Like coming to terms with PSA, I now do less strenuous activities and found new hobbies. Thinking positive has helped and I learned that from reading some of the blogs on this site. Thank you again so much for this website !!!!

I hope the enbrel brings you more relief! Good Luck

Thank you dandlyons!

It sounds like you've had quite a year. I'm so glad you found this community helpful! :) I hope the Enbrel brings you nothing but improvement!

Thank you nym! I was so afraid of the meds before now I am so ready for the Enbrel.