We talk a lot here about issues and worries ... how about progress? Is anyone doing better lately? On a new medication that seems to be helping? Have a little more energy? Becoming more accepting of life with PsA?

I've taken 7 doses of Enbrel (8th is tomorrow) and I've noticed some improvement in my range of motion in my ankles, have regained the ability to move three of my toes that were previously frozen, and my hands have greatly improved as well. While I continue to be in a lot of pain and the damage and fusions from PsA and AS mean a lifetime of chronic pain, relief from some of the pain and stiffness has improved my quality of life more than I could have imagined. I pray for continuing improvement.

Hurray, Nym! Great to hear good news. OK, that's mine! I heard good news today, and I felt more optimistic. LOL!

I've taken 4 doses of Simponi and I feel like it's finally really starting to take hold (fingers crossed). Not ready to cut down on the Celebrex (I tested the waters at the beginning of the month, and so not ready yet), but all in good time. Most of my pain is gone (I'd say 90-95%) and the stiffness isn't as bad. I still have the fatigue, but I think that's not as bad either, but will still discuss with my rheumy next week. It is nice to be able to walk with a little bit of a spring in my step again. I still have bad days, but it's definitely looking up and I'm cautiously optimistic.

Is it bad that when I read "fingers crossed" I winced? LOL

Awesome progress, CJCB!

Seenie - praying progress happens for you SOON!!!

Hi nym,

SO gald to hear of your improvement! Its what we all hope for!

I have been on Simponi now for 6 injections and I will have my 7th on the 8th of Feb. I must say that this is the drug for me! I feel so much better, the pain has lessened to the extent where I actually want to start exersising (gently)to try to loose the wieght that I have stacked on! I still have some stiffness in my hands and knees, but nothing near where I was! I am so please my rhuemy switched me to this - well now I am as it took a few months to kick in... :) Simponi is the only thing I am on at the moment and I am happy about that. Apart from the occasional paracetamol when I need to get things done.

That my story at the moment, I hope I continue to improve, but if this is my plateau, then I think I could live here.

Congrats Nym! I know what a wonderful feeling it is when you have some relief!

I have also been experiencing so wonderful relief in the last few weeks. I've been on mtx for almost 4 months now and started Humira 3 weeks ago, I am able to bend my knee again, and it isnt as painful to walk as it was, my back pain has gone down I am actually able to sleep for more than a few hours at a time, my fingers have gone down a bit and I have a little more movement in them now...and my skin seems to be clearing up a bit too.....I give alot of the credit to the cortisone shot I got a few days before I started the humira and i am just hoping that the humira will kick in before the cortisone wears off....if that is in fact what is helping me the progress is very exciting and I am trying to enjoy every good day i have!

Wishing everyone the best!