Change in diet really helped me out

I visit this site often but rarely post but I felt I had to share what’s been happening with my PsA and skin psoriasis over the last few months.

I was extremely ill with a sinus infection that took forever to go away. My joints were hurting so much that I wasn’t sleeping well. I’d basically work all day and then have to crash because of the pain.It was awful.

So I decided to start with the basics figuring that the abx and medications had thrown my system out of wack and I needed to get my body working again. I cut out all added sugar and grains concentrating on fresh veggies, natural fats, and some protein. It took about a month before I noticed that I wasn’t in constant pain.

Right now its been a couple months and I’ve dropped 12 lbs without really trying and am off all medication. I still take Vit D and a multi vitamin but that’s all. My joints are feeling so much better and my skin, while not clear, has changed. The psoriasis plaques aren’t as thick, the skin isn’t as inflamed (although it is still really itchy) and I don’t have the cracking and bleeding I’ve always had.

I’m going to continue on this path to see where it takes me. Not saying this is the answer for everyone but I have come to see that diet really does make a HUGE different.


I believe a strict diet could make a difference, but so far I don’t have the determination to avoid so many of the foods I love. And, for me, I don’t think the diet would be a perfect solution.
So far I’ve had really good luck with Enbrel (4 years) and the pain I do have is a result of the damage from untreated PsA. I don’t think any pill or diet could fix that.

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I’ve been following a low carb good fat diet since January and have lost 3 stone 9lbs so far. I don’t eat any sugar and not too much fruit, but lots of green veg.
The loss of weight has undoubtedly improved my joints, or at least not made them worse, but not touched my pain or inflammation, sadly. So still trying the biologic route at the moment.
Glad it’s working for you, though :heart_decoration:

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Wow that’s a great weight loss! Well done you.

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Very pleased to hear you’ve had such a great result from the change of diet. I’m hearing the message about cutting out sugar and grains again and again in various forms, from various people and different sources. I already eat all the foods that are generally thought to be ‘good’, I can easily cut out sugar … it’s the grains that would be tough, but maybe, maybe …

I think it’s important to emphasise that symptom control is not the same as disease control. Awesome as it is to feel so much better, that is not necessarily a sign that your joints are safe. If there was any justice in the world it would be, but do remember that PsA is a sneaky swine and a potentially destructive one.

I’ve been in PaS remission for a few years. I can’t say cure because there isn’t a cure for this just a lifetime of sitting around waiting for the next flare. When all my joints started to hurt I was in a panic that it would kick off another bout of swollen joints and incredible pain.

I think its important to do what’s in our control to help ourselves and really food is an easy fix. I thought I’d miss baked good and bread since I make all our bread myself but really it hasn’t been bad. Before I reach for a slice of bread I ask if I really want it and that pause it long enough to say nope.