Keto Diet for PsA

I’ve been following a keto (low carb, mod protein, high fat) diet for the past 6 weeks. In addition to losing almost 15 pounds, the swelling and pain in my hands has decreased noticeably. In fact, yesterday I had foods with both flour and sugar. Woke up today with painful swollen hands. Anyone else notice improvement through cutting carbs - especially the inflammation-producing sugar?

I’ve had great success with the keto diet reducing my pain. If I cheat I really pay for it the next day, and sometimes even that day! I would recommend it to anyone to at least give it an honest try.

I’ve never tried it, but I’m definitely a fan of reducing carbs, especially sugary sweets. There’s no doubt in my mind those things are poison!
I’ve had high cholesterol and a coronary blockage, so I’m afraid of the high fat diet for that reason. Although it’s probably just as dangerous to eat sweets!

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It took me about six months to understand why I was having stomach issues 18 mos after being diagnosed with PsA. One day I discover THE LECTIN REPORT online. Lectin is a protein (amino acid chain) found in plants. Lectin intolerance was first documented in the 1880’s by the dr. considered to be the father of immunology. My rheumatologist said he never heard of it, but it is definitely the cause of my stomach issues which are now resolved with the following elimination diet:

  1. Eliminate grains. ( I can eat rice though).
  2. Eliminate night shade plants: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and egg plant.
  3. Eliminate nuts, seeds, and soy, and lastly,
  4. Eliminate legumes: peas and beans with a shell.
    Some people don’t do dairy either.
    Since lectin is found in plants, there is none in meat, so all meats are acceptable. You can eat all the citrus fruit you want. I can eat tomatoes if they are pressure cooked, as this decreases the amount of lectin.
    My rheumatologist put some pt’s on this diet and reported that they are all doing better. Hope this was helpful to many with IB issues.