Why low fat doesnt work even if you cut the starches

Mmm just pondering for a while on a fellow member who has used a low starch type diet to lose weight and wondering why she didnt have a better response to her inflammation. I googled dr Gott and saw what he was advocating as a low sugar and wheat free diet but not high saturated fat. Basically you have to get calories from somewhere but what to eat if you are not actively using fat as a major source of energy is a problem for mainstream dietary advice.I believe suppressing the lifecycle of the bad bacteria by eating fat- cream, eggs, butter etc and fatty meat and fish, liver etc is a key to managing this illness.

One interesting observation I have is the connection between the genetics of people with Psa and the other HLA arthropathies- crohns, anklosing spondylitis etc. Perhaps there is a common ancestry - I havent tested this yet, but hope to get some DNA testing done and wonder if we are linked from a northern european community of many hundreds of generations of fish eating and high fat eating cultures, like the inuit or scandinavians -with a low tolerance of starch and modern gluten. Just a thought.

If this is true, then maybe a standard diet is just not that good when you get problems especially with this genetic variable.. When did saturated fat get so badly thought of I ask you- my greatgrandmothers lived to 96, both of them on a pretty high fat diet. Lots of beef dripping, stews and vegetables. Not much sugar or alcohol, but good simple meat and potatoes were their staples.

after my reading of Taubes and Enig I ask the same questions - maybe it is the starch and carbohydrate- in fruit, in juice, beer, bread, starchy vegetables, rice that is feeding the dody stuff- and maybe we should try a good old bone broth or two like they did when they were ill - nutrients with zero carbs - to get the gut back on track. Anything which irritates the gut - painkillers, NSAIDs are just going to make it worse and then we go to the docs who think drugs and what happens - we get worse not better when we take their stuff.

read all about fat - What is it is all a great big fat lie - by Taubes - google it. It makes you wonder if your faith in modern medicine is well placed.

Me , just planning on a breakfast of scrambled eggs and a bit of watercress and smoked salmon. Mmmmm

Ther current mainstream attitude towards dietary fat is very interesting, and I believe flawed.