Just ordered a hammock and stand!

I just ordered myself a hammock and stand for Mother's Day from Amazon. I'm so excited! I've wanted one for years and years, but never felt like I found the right one. I've had a Mayan cloth hammock strung by the pool when we lived in AZ, a rope hammock chair in our other WA house, and loved both.

Usually I throw our picnic blanket on the grass, take a few pillows outside, and read in the backyard. But due to my PsA flares the past 3 years that's been getting progressively more painful. Today I logged onto Amazon to browse hammocks and Boom! There was just the compact stand and hammock setup I want (this one http://www.amazon.com/Vivere-UHSDO9-Double-Hammock-Space-Saving/dp/B004YJCP7O/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top). It will hold me in different positions, and as the hammock stretches over time, I can adjust the height as needed.

Of course it is supposed to start raining again by next weekend, but hopefully I will have many nice moments over July-Oct to enjoy.

Good for you! It looks wonderful!

I have a zero gravity outdoor chaise that I love. I have had it for years and even use to keep it in the living room in winter. It was the only chair i was comfortable in but didn't know I had PsA until a decade after I bought it. It's about 18 years old now but still in great shape though a bit faded. Maybe cause it winters inside!

Good for you Marietta - I hope you have many enjoyable days in your new hammock!

That sounds lovely, I'd probably get in and not be able to get back out, the state of my poor body! Enjoy.

Sorry! I just read that as you had ordered a " hemlock salad"!!! and thought things had got really bad…thats one of my problems post MTX dose! Cant read properly lol Enjoy your hammock x