You Guys Were Right!

Back tonight from NM and it turned out to be a pretty good trip. I did ask for a wheelchair in Atlanta on Sunday and it was a lifesaver, made it without the crying fit I had last time I was there. My classes were great, I mentioned to my classes that I might have to sit down or we might need to take an additional break and everyone was so very supportive and helpful! All this time I didn't want to ask for help and suffered and when I did ask it was great! People were getting things for me and helping me move my equipment and pass out handouts. I felt pampered!

I called my rheumy Monday and she phoned in a perscription of Tramadol for me and picked it up out there. I really do not like this med as it makes me quite loopy and sluggish. I can only blame so much on being blonde and old! I am only taking one in the morning and 1 at night though as I really do need to function! I will say that I am feeling so much better! Walked to my gates today!

I was so looking forward to being home this weekend as it is supposed to be beautiful here in NC but we have to go to DC to see my mother-in-law, an unexpected trip. Not looking forward to the drive, sitting in a car seems to bother me a lot. Oh well, guess we will be making lots of stops for me.

Hope everyone will feel better and have a great weekend!

I am so glad you made it!! I knew you could. I am going out of town in one month and I am already getting my “emergency” med kit ready. Hope I do aw well as you.

Great to hear of you’re experience x

So glad you had a great time! Asking for help can be difficult to do and to get used to doing, but you may find it pleasantly surprises you every time! :)

Glad you made it through your trip!!

FWIW, Tramadol also makes me REALLY out of it. I do better on Tylenol-3 or Percocet (used to be able to take Vicodin). So far every drug made that is less easy to abuse (ie, for people to crush and inject it to get high, things like that), doesn't work well for me.