Back from travels-conquered the world

Well, I did it. Against my specialists advice (well, grudgingly he ""allowed"" it after I explained very carefully all the strategies I had in place for myself).

14 1/2 hr flight from Australia to the USA, then another flight to Vegas. More flights to Indianapolis, New Orleans, driving to Texas, flying to San Francisco , driving to LA then back to Oz. 5 weeks all up carefully toting my ice pack bag with my Humira and enough meds, supplements, lotions and potions to open a drug store LOL.

Have to say right now, there's NO WAY I could have have done this if I hadn't carefully listened to what most of you are saying! That is, in a nutshell, suck it up sister and utilise WHATEVER is available to assist.

Have never used a wheelchair or mobility scooter before & was very resistant (& , I'll admit, embarassed) but I requested wheelchair assistance at ALL airports. MAN OH MAN! I had forgotten just how far it is to get from your plane at LAX through to customs, then baggage then your next terminal. If I had not requested assistance I think I'd still be trying to get to customs!

That wheelchair assistance was the BEST move I have ever made (next to commencing Humira) Was treated like a VIP and whisked straight past the huge queues through to the crew section. Bam! Then whisked through security at the next terminal. Same thing happened at EVERY airport- you guys in the USA have it good! and I must say all the staff were very friendly , patient and polite.

Next challenge, mobility scooters. TNT Lamb & a few others suggested that one, again I was resistant but had no choice if I wanted to get out & about to see stuff and participate in what the others were doing (we were in Vegas for my daughters wedding). Again AWESOME assistance and once I learnt how to use it I was able to whizz around like a champion. Also organised to hire one in New Orleans and San Francisco. Didn't for the other places cos we either hired a car or a car and driver.

Travelling with my Humira was scary at first but once I sorted out ice , fridges etc I was ok. Before I left Australia I was able to get a travel fridge pack (free!) from the drug company that distributes Humira here.

So, all in all, a successful trip! Glad to say I only had a few days where the pain levels were unbearable resulting in a lot of swearing & tears. I enjoyed myself and didn't catch any diseases because of my lowered immunity (my docs major concern). It worried me that I couldn't get comprehensive travel insurance in the US but as it turned out, didn't really need it (& if anything did go wrong my family would have had me back on a plane asap)

Not all light & bright tho! Obviously I overdid it and have been paying BIG since arriving home- pain levels ++++ sciatica playing up etc etc but I know it will settle down. Frustrating but still worth it as I got to do what I wanted- not what others told me! I've discovered the joys of mobility assistance I've used a scooter here now to get around my local mall

cheers all!

Wow! It. Just goes to show…where there’s a will, there’s a way! Well donr you x

I have a scooter and I love it. It is the only way I can go out and see my children's activites.

I am so happy you had such a great time. We can't let PsA stop us from enjoying life.

A successful international adventure wirh Uncle Arthur! So glad you did it and had such a wonderful time!

I am so happy for you! What an amazing trip! Favorite sights?

RB it was all so awesome! However, if I had to pick! New Orleans was so much fun, heaps to do and even tho we stayed in the old french quarter- so very accessible! I hired a scooter and was easily able to get around (even on the cobblestones). Galveston in Texas was easily one of our favourite destinations- and we hadn't even planned to stay there (but did) Everywhere was fantastic but I must say one of my favourite parts of the trip was the drive from San Francisco to LA along Highway 1. We took 5 days to do a 1 day trip (on purpose) as we wanted to see as much as possible. Got lost several times but that only added to the adventure! We were able to stop frequently (necessary for me to stretch/moan & groan etc)

The absolute best sight was when we came around a bend (coastal route) and came upon heaps of elephant seals having dust baths on the beach! AWESOME certainly something totally unexpected

Not long after that we ''accidentally'' came across Hearst Castle!

Then the Channel Islands...

OMG I could go on forever