Flying next week - ugh

Time next week to fly to the East Coast, to enjoy quality and fun time with the family as well as the beautiful Fall Colors. However, I am going to do one of the things my PSA hates the most: flying. Can't wait for tele-transportation to arrive :)

Dragging myself through airports, long waiting lines and cramped seats crush my body and my mood. First class is not an option, not even remotely. I try to pamper myself the best I can: lots of water to stay hydrated, my trusty 360 light 4 wheel Samsonite (my original broke after 15 years and 5 continents and I just bought a replacement), soft blanket and pillow for the flight, tablet loaded with good music and movies, good noise canceling husband has severe lumbar stenosis and he can barely help me, sometimes I had to carry his luggage myself, poor thing :(

Time to swallow my pride and jump on airport transfer cars and wheel chairs? I am learning to ignore people looks but sometimes I still feel embarrassed. I do not look handicapped at all and I look fairly young for my age but you have not seen me at my best until I literally crawl to the bathroom or fall trying to get up from the couch because of an spasm! good stuff baby! :D

Any tip will be welcome. And happy Sunday to y'all and a smooth Monday for all friends overseas and Down Under!

Namaste - Isabella

Isabella, you said it. Time to swallow your pride and request wheelchair assistance. Not the transfer cart. The wheelchair. Call ahead, and they will start looking after you at check in: you will be amazed at how much easier your journey will be. Who cares about how old you look? So what i you look young for your age? You have a nasty disease and you know that a chair will make all the difference. Swallow hard and do it. The first time is the absolute worst. They will offer to wheel you, but if your DH can do that, he will probably find it easier too because he will have some support to hang onto.

Trust me, I do this all the time, and have done it in many many airports. It makes all the difference. When you arrive you won't feel like road kill, and you won't spend your vacation dreading the journey back.

I'm all over teletransportation! I'm not big on the actual traveling part of travel.

I flew to Seattle with my mom last winter, and we requested wheelchair assistance from check-in, in advance. I have to tell you, I was impressed with just how good it was. And when we needed to make a bathroom stop, no problem. We were also called first to pre-board, so that she didn't have to deal with trying to get past everyone. It did mean we were on the plane longer, but it all worked out.

Not even mentioning how you go straight to the head of the security line!