Is It Fall Yet?

Yesterday, after some thunderstorms rolled in, Vermont is much cooler and drier. I slept better and awoke with less swelling and stiffness. Has anyone else noticed a similar change? Is Fall entering your neck of the woods yet?

I live in the Western region of New York and it seems like someone just went and flicked the switch for fall. The temp took a dive last night, the leaves are turning and in fact some leaves have begun to fall off the trees. I have to admit that fall is my favorite season so I am okay with it. Not to mention that I didn't do as well this summer with the hot temperatures, so the cooler weather is welcome.

Yup kids went back to school today the mornings are becoming crisper. I hope cooler nights will help with the sleep

Yes!!!! Well, kinda. It's still hot and humid here in CT, but the nights seem cooler, which is wonderful. The leaves are starting to turn, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Autumn and Spring are my favorite seasons. I even wrote a blog post about September and what I love about it just today!

We're gearing up for our annual Pirate Party (my youngest son's birthday party) on Saturday, and to me that's our first Autumn-ish celebration. We went apple picking last weekend, and will be going to the Renaissance Fair in a few weeks. So much Fall fun!!!

I’m sooo ready for cooler weather!!

Well that didn't last long! I was enjoying the cooler, drier weather and BOOM! I am in a wicked flare! Started with chills 2 days ago, then I slept through yesterday! Today everything is stiff and sore. BOO, that is not what I needed. Seems like maybe the weather changed too quickly for me:-(

Fall is entering my neck, does that count?

Hahaha! :)

Thunderstorms are rolling into the Seattle area right now, very rare for us. I've been getting stiffer and more sore all day. Ugh. Fall is never fun for me (PsA wise, I actually LOVE fall as a season :)

GrumpyCat said:

Fall is entering my neck, does that count?

Yep, I know this time of year! Stiffness is worse generally, top of my back very tender, shoulders waking me throughout the night, 3 more DIP joints are joining the choir…yep its definately Autumn, annual flare is creeping on. On a good note, fatigue isn’t too bad :slight_smile:

Ouch! Fall does my body no good! But, I’m really excited that its nice enough for me ago sit outside to work in the afternoons.