Mother nature is trying to kill me! : o

I am on the east coast of Canada and our weather is being rather irratic! One day it’s warm, the next freezing, then rain, then snow followed by more rain!!! Please please pick a season so my body can adjust and this flare can settle down!! Anyone else having a tough time with mother nature’s poor attitude?

Hi Roni, I know how you feel, I am in the province of Quebec and it is so hard because our weather patterns change so drastically from warm to cold, humid to dry, and anything or everything in between. Which rings havoc on our bodies. A a flare goes another begins because of the sudden change of weather. Well we do not have control of the weather unfortunately, but it is extremly hard to find ways of staying flare free. Just letting you know I so understand !!!!! Hugs

I'm on the east coast of the US, and we went from the high 50's to an "arctic blast" causing nighttime temps to drop below 0 w/ the horrible wind and I've been in SO much pain. There's nothing to do but try to keep my joints warm and take tramadol. I wish I could get a bit more rest, though - but with 8 kids here today (4 under age 4) it's going to be a challenge!!!

Well at least I know I’m not alone! I can understand why so many people migrate to Florida! Too bad my hubby hates the heat =(

I am like your husband, I hate the heat too, which makes it hard for me cause our bodies are so sensitive to the cold. Sometimes during the night if I kick off the covers and my lower back is not cover....OMGOSH, the back pain is terrible, I cover myself and maybe 10 to 20 mins later I am better. I always feel after a nights sleep ( assuming we get some) when I am getting out of bed, I am falling apart at the seams. Once I start moving around, pieces of my body start to fall into place, then they decide between themselves which joint is going to flare and which one is going to ache........ like a free for all flare up party, only thing is I was not invited! Well thank God we are not alone ! I sure hope the weather gets better for both of us!! Hugs!

I am the same way…the nasty pain seems to migrate from joint to joint leave the steady ache in it’s path. Meanwhile I am waiting to get into the rhuematologist to get a DMARD added to the NSAIDs. I’m still about 4 months away if the 6 month wait predicted is accurate. I had to stop walking but am still doing pretty well with the weight loss…down 28lbs now. I’ve been still doing the strength training which is giving the elbows a bit of grief but not to horrible. It’ll be interesting to see where I am when I get to the rheumy. I’m hoping not to hear “you should really lose some weight!”.

Well your right on that one, the first thing they say to you is lose weight, like we do not already know, I have lost about 30 lbs also, and want to lose more. It is difficult to exercise with hip, knee and ankle pain. Plus I work in a office which does not help matters. At the momment I can't afford not to work, but we plan on downsizing this year so that will be a good thing, I could then go part time. What has really been bad for me is I have Fibro also, and dealing with alot of memory issues. Lost two jobs because of it. I have to write everything down, plus add it to my agenda and phone agenda, plus outlook, just to remember thing to do, then I have to do it right away or I will forget again. Thanks for hearing me out !!!!!!! Sometimes it helps us !

I'm struggling with the weight loss side of things, but with my recent celiac disease diagnosis, going gluten-free, starting Enbrel (4 doses so far) and working once again on getting my hypothyroidism under control, I'm hoping I start losing soon and increase weight loss once I'm feeling better. I've been in a major flare for nearly a year now.