How is springtime treating you?

I've been enjoying some weather in my area, my body is not QUITE sure if it wants to flare, or even if it can flare for more than a day on my current med regimen. It's been dealing out aches and fatigue randomly instead.

Mine too! I tried to explain to one of the nurses in my Rheumy's office that my symptoms seem to be "stuttering" she didn't seem to get it. All she said was, "Remicade doesn't do that, it either works or it doesn't." Oh really. Guess I will wait until my appointment with the Rheumy as it sure feels like "stuttering" to me!

I guess when we speak of flares we mean a sudden worsening of the psoriatic arthritis or PsA. So one is going along with their ususal level of activity and suddenly can't walk up stairs or make a fist. Also usually accompanied with swollen hot joints that previously were sore but not intolerable. Or being slammed by a wall of exhaustion. As quickly as it appears it dissappears leaving us again at out usual level of soreness and activity. It took me along time to know what was a flare and what was a worsening of the disease. I also got confused about if increasing my activity had any effect on the disease; in other words did an increase in activity that increased pain and stiffness mean the disease was also worsening. For me it does not. I can have a day or two of increased activity and a day or two of recovery without any real effect on the disease. Hope this helps clarify.

I'll add in to Michael's. . .Sometimes they don't disappear quickly at all. I have a bad flare every spring that can last for quite some time. Without a change in medication, it does go away. But yes, an uptick in activity that lasts more than "recovery" time is a good explanation.

Oh Stoney you are so right the flares do not always go away quickly at all. Maybe dissapate with no known reason is a better description than length of time. Thanks.

You are all so awesome at explaining flares! I've been living with them so long it's hard to find the words sometimes to explain.

The sense of spring and summer in the air always makes me feel mentally refreshed but on good days i so tend 2 over do it evening knowing i’ll surely pay for it!

Yes it makes me want to get all sarcastic on her! But I didn't. But I thought to my self how old are you little nursey? I bet my PsA is older! Doesn't help that I am nurse though I pray I never sounded like that.........

We traveled from Northern Maine to Vermont for four days. (Your neck of the woods, Michael.) No snow except in the mountains. Beautiful sunshine and grass! Haven't seen grass in ages! Came home to snowmobiles parked at our store and a snowstorm yesterday morning. Snow forecasted for Friday, somewhere between four and six inches. So, spring was great in Vermont! Just hasn't reached Northern Maine yet! ;)

Hi PinkCamoChick,

You must have been south of me, still cold and grey here, suppose to get snow tomorrow! I don't believe it.......