PSA/Time of Year

Humira injections seem to work really well for me so far.

Last August my jaw/mouth was really bad. Well here is is August and im having the same pain again. My ? is does anyone have flareups at certain times of the year? Or am I over thinking this?

I've had PSA a just over a year now and was finally put on Humira a few months ago. It cleared up all my P like MAGIC and till this flare up life has been good!

Hi, yep this is my time of year to flare too, always has been. Even before I was diagnosed I would have flares of tenosynovitis in wrists and ankles, costochronditis, it used to alternate. They would last from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

I flare more regularly in spring and fall like clockwork :)

Me too! But last year it lasted from Nov to May. Enbrel had worn off and I was ramping up on Remicade. I am looking foreword to a better fall this year for all of us!

I'm an early spring and early fall person. The spring flare usually sets me back a few months. My rheumy said this type of pattern of increased activity is pretty common.

I use to flare every August/September and occasionally in the Spring. This time last year I started flaring more often and it got to the point I was flaring a few times a month. I have been on MTX since the end of April and I believe it's 6 or 8 weeks since my last big flare. My daily joint pain has increased :-( Psoriasis on my hands and feet has almost cleared up :-)

My last flare started end of August last year, I managed to stay in work until early December, was off until mid March. I’m so disappointed that I seem to be at the start of the ‘annual pain parade’ I always live in hope that its not going to happen but it usually does.

Biologics definitely keep my "annual pain parade" in check but when I am building immunity to them I sign up for the parade again. Hey Louise I had "Toad in the Hole" for supper last night! I think I am an honorary Brit as well as DDD Ladies of PsA!

Hey! Good show Michael :slight_smile: Love a bit of Toad in the hole especially with onion gravy mmmmmmm