Hand During a flare

During a flare

I think we have the same kind of PsA, wow. I've been on this site a while and not seen anyone with my exact same symptoms. Nice to meet you. I'm sorry you have them. It sucks, doesn't it!

Hi! I had the same type of swelling as you. My hands were so inflamed along with hips and shoulders I could barely walk. I went to my dr. and he put me 30 day medical leave. I have been on mtx, prednisone, meloxicam, an enbrel and I feel like a new women. I am down to just 1mg of prednisone and hope to stop the meloxicam on my next drs. visit in two weeks. Good luck! New Woman, Pam

Cat, Hope you are doing better. Seeing your pics reminds me of what I was going through before I got diagnosed. I was going through my "normal" days feeling quite "abnormal" and didn't know what the hell was going on. At least now we know why we are having these issues, not sure if that makes it any better but I guess it does. Anyway, hope you are doing well, hang in there.

Hi Bluesky, Pam & Suzanne, Thank you all for your messages and words of support, validation and kindness. It's so helpful to know that we are not alone in our experiences and symptoms with this illness, at least it certainly is for me! I hate that anyone endures the bad days that come with this condition ... And yes, you're very right, it's no fun and it does suck! :) I was diagnosed in April of last year but still have yet to get on Humira, which was prescribed after my diagnosis of PsA and AS ... specifically because I have pretty much been in a none stop flare, and during the few days I am not, my skin is far from healed and I am tremendously anxious about beginning the bios and sending myself into a further tailspin. Has anyone started a bio while still flaring to a degree? I just can't shake my intuition that tells me it's not safe to start them when I'm like this. But at the same time, this has gone on for so long that I wonder when I'll ever be able to begin!?! It's very frustrating, overwhelming, scary and exhausting. I am just at a loss of what to do and feel like I have very little genuine support and compassion from my doctors. Thanks for listening! I appreciate that each of you took the time to look at my pics and some of my story, and then write me! It means a lot :) Blessings to all, Cat