Infrared light therapy (red light)

I was curious if anyone has given red light therapy a try? My gym just recently got a bed and I thought I would give it a try tomorrow. I figured if anything the “down side” 80 degree bed would at least create a nice short nap for me. A little googling shows that they help with pain and inflammation. After the last few months I’ve had it couldn’t make things too much worst.

Haven't tried it. Let us know how it works :) Good luck!

I've never tried it before. I would make sure any medications you take don't have a light warning on them. For example, you can't have sun exposure, tanning bed exposure, etc., with sulfasalazine because of side effects it can cause. I would just double check your medications for advisory info. Let us know how it goes. :-)

I doubled checked with both rheum and GP was given the ok for it. None of my medications should interact.

Good deal. Keep us posted and let us know if it helps. This would be a great option for everyone.

I have never tried, but I have a friend who uses light therapy for her psoriasis and said that it also helped with some pain from arthritis as well (even though she has not been diagnosed with PSA). I thought about doing that as well but haven't attempted, yet. I hope it helps!

Interested to hear how it works! Please keep us posted! :-)

I have an IR sauna that I refer to as my "toaster oven"

You get heat without direct contact which has some certain benefits. I'm not buying the "therapy" claims, but heat certainly does make me feel better

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I used the far infra-red saunas at my local gym many times and I found it most beneficial, I would eventually like to buy a home version. I normally do not like saunas but I do like these.I am not sure if this is the same as red light therapy.

My Physician has suggested I buy a Hand Foot Narrow Band UVB Photo-therapy Unit, for my Plantar Palmar Psoriasis, again this is not the same thing but it is light therapy.

Many years ago I decided to try anything that might give me relief, as long as it was not to expensive and my physicians were aware of my trials. The far infra-red was one of the more successful trails for me.

Maybe lying quiet in the warmth is not a bad thing, a time for a healing meditation.

If you decided to try the red light therapy, I would be interested to know how you are doing.

Cheers and good health to you,

M Grace

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I, too am interested in your outcome! And like the others before me said be sure to share with all of us what the outcome turns out to be. Best of luck!!! ~Michelle~

I am fairly certain that this is far infra red technology, and yes, it shoud offer short term relief of artritic pain. I am a retired spa owner who suffers with psa. I have an infra red sauna at home and it does help. Does not eliminate the pain but eases it a bit.

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I have not tried this. Someone recently suggested I give this a try too. I look forward in finding out if it works for you. I hope it does.

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I’ve tried it. Helps a little with pain but does nothing for your skin if you have psoriasis. Only top I can offer is to try and get a stand up bed if your arthritis is in your back because those tanning beds will kill your back

I have just started a course of red light (bed) therapy. I’ve had four twenty minute sessions so far. I think it is beginning to help with fatigue - but jury still out.

I’ve been diagnosed for nine years now and been on Benepali for about five. I seem to be flaring a lot recently so I’m hoping the red light therapy will help.