Anyone found any pain relief from using Infra Red Sauna's?

I was just wanting to find out if anyone out there with PsA has found any pain relief in using InfraRed Sauna's on a regular basis. I have used them a few times at the massage clinic, and I feel that they have provided me with some temporary pain relief. I am wondering if one used them every day, if there would be any benefits in terms of pain relief long term. Does anyone have any experience with these, or know of any studies done (other than those done by the manufacturers of the sauna's which of course say they cure everything!). Thanks very much.


I have the hand held infrared light bought online for $50. I started using on my painful knee first. It seems to have the amazing capability of reducing pain very quickly! I used it at 8pm for 5 minutes on my throbbing knee and on a scale of 1 to 10, (10 being most effective) I’d say it worked to reduce pain at a level 9. I’m totally amazed! I woke up at 2pm with it bothering me again and sat with it on for another 5 minutes and went back to sleep, relieved of the pain. I highly recommend! My husband has tendinitis in his elbow and uses it as well. He says it works for his pain as well.