Tanning bed

Has anyone ever tried going to the tanning bed for psa relief? And did it help any?

Yes, I did and it did not work to reduce the size or severity of the lesions for me. I'd advise against it. The risk of skin cancer is much higher from the use of a tanning bed than from being outside. It is not worth it. My hubby used the tanning bed for 2 weeks prior to business trips to Samoa so he'd not get sunburn since he'd have a "base tan". He did this for only 3 years for 2-3 week stints before his trip for 2 sessions a week. This year he had a precancerous lesion removed from his back. His mother did a similar thing annually before trip to the beach, and she too just recently had lesions removed.

I tried it. I felt psychologically better for having a bit of ‘sunshine’ in the middle of winter but it isn’t a cure by any means

tried one once but they couldn't close the lid. I've lost 100# since.....

However I do have one of those UV domes (no cancer) the heat is great and it does control the psoriasis pretty well, no effect on the atrthritis. Got mine for 10.00 at a rummage sale wouldn't pay the 100's the scam guys want. Years ago they used to sell a special "sun lamp" for the skin stuff.... same thing

Well, i dont have the scales anymore. It all went to my joints. Just wondering if the heat would help the pain.

What do you mean it all wen to your joints? If you don't have the scaly stuff means they are in your joints?

I'm on Mtx, so photosensitivity is an issue..and i don't tan easily, just burn. I did do plaquenil when first diagnosed along with Mtx, and times triple DMARD therapy, sulfa drug..can't spell that one..LOL

I asked rheummy how about plaquenil again...and she said it would make my skin redder.

everyone is differant, and we all get diff meds, and diff side affects...just lucky they have lots of meds for us these days, as opposed to just 20-30 yrs ago

I bet i didnt get a response from the yr. of rituxan, because of PSA diagnose..maybe it didnt respond well because of that..i know, PSA was very hard to diagnose..sero-negative on labs