Tanning and the tanning bed?

So I was told that tanning would help my psoriasis and kinda get it under control. So I went and got a membership to tan. Now as a guy and being new to the tanning bed scene it’s kinda weird to me and I was wondering if anyone else has done it and how well it works. Like I said kinda a wired subject for me never thought of tanning before this.

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I have read UV helps the psoriasis, but are you increasing the risk of skin cancer from the tanning bed. Goggle the subject.

Hi there. I tried it years ago didn’t seem to make to much difference for me but it did make me feel great especially in winter. Not sure what they recommend now with that and you may have to be careful with what meds you are on I guess. I would consult your doc. Dr google is ok for a general idea but there’s so many different opinions out there makes it confusing.

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Only tan when your dermatologist tells you too. He or she should also be medicating you as you tan. DO NOT TAN ON A TANNING BED WITHOUT MEDICAL SUPPORT. Seriously. Sorry for ‘shouting’ but really, please don’t do this without your deramtolgist knowing.

I’d be cautious too. Personally I’d prefer simple fresh air on my skin i.e. wearing shorts & short-sleeved t-shirts when it’s warm enough, even in shade. Perhaps ideally in shade. That’s what I did instinctively when my psoriasis flared, though instinct and gut-feeling don’t always count for much with this disease I know.

I don’t recommend tanning beds. You are increasing your risk of cancer. Just go outside on a sunny day and lay out. Use sunscreen and get some fresh air. It helps wonders with my P.

Hi, Back in the 90s (with a long history of psoriasis but not a PsA dx yet) my dermatologist ordered a UVB “bed” for me by prescription. It helped clear my skin. Fast foward to a few years ago when two bulbs burned out and the cost of replacing was prohibitive. (Uninsured now.) So I started a tanning bed routine twice a week which helped a great deal and my skin and scalp were mostly clear. Tanning bed closed so I stopped since there were no other beds close by. Looking back I think that is when my PsA started in quickly. (Since 2008 I have had the signs of PsA but was not diagnosed until last year.) I am considering getting a home bed to try and find some relief again. No, it may not be the best option because of the risk of melanoma. But it seems there IS no safe treatment option. I will probably get blasted for saying this, and I mean no disrespect to anyone, but the biologics carry quite a bit of long term risk and side effects, including cancer. So melanoma or lymphoma and leukemia? Pick your poison. My one bit of advice regarding the tanning bed would be to ask which of the units have the highest UVB rays because the UVA for tanning doesn’t generally work for psoriasis clearing. And use the bed judiciously and as little as possible once your skin starts to clear.


I go to a tanning salon in the winter and spring if I’m planning to travel south. I’m white as a ghost otherwise and my psoriasis is red and I’m extremely self-conscious about it. It’s barely noticeable when I get a good tan. However, tanning is NOT safe–my daughter was a nurse at a dermatology clinic and they saw a lot of skin cancers. She does not recommend tanning for psoriasis or otherwise.
About a week ago I found two different bumps–one near my neck and one just above my knee. I haven’t had them looked at yet, but I’m concerned because they’re out of the ordinary–not looking like psoriasis and why would these weird “moles” suddenly appear on my skin? Hopefully, they’re just some sort of skin tags–I’m sure when I show them to my daughter she’ll tell me if she’s concerned. If they are skin cancer, I’ll blame it on the tanning I’ve done over the years. Even though I don’t do it to extremes and I never get burnt, I don’t know any other reason why I’d get skin cancer.

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I used tanning to control my psoriasis when it got really bad (massive flare over my entire body) because I couldn’t afford the light treatment and my dermatologist was otherwise no help.

If you do decide to go that way, tan only for the minimum about of time to limit your exposure and risk of skin cancer at much as possible (I never did more than 4 minutes once or twice a week). Understand that even doing so, you’re increasing your risk of skin cancer so be vigilant of changes in your skin (always, everyone should really). And never tan long enough to burn. This means you might be starting at only like 2 or 3 minute sessions, but it’s not like you’re doing it to actually tan.

Tanning and removing stressors, and finding skin products that exacerbated my problems (I discovered that glycerine actually made it worse for me, and it’s in everything, but I think is a fairly rare allergy) were really the only thing that helped my psoriasis.


Grandma_J, every so often I take any moles etc. that have changed or appeared to the GP. I tell 'em I’ll be back next year and the year after, more often if necessary. The last ones turned out to be seborrheic warts, completely harmless.

I dress so as to reveal them easily and I reckon it’s a nice easy consult for the GP, usually I’m in & out in 5 minutes and the write up can’t take long!

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