Hello and a flare

Hello All,

So I guess I just wanted to start by saying that I have been on this site for a while but really just observing. Often I feel really encouraged and remember how blessed I am just by reading other's comments in the discussions. However I really just needed to get this off my chest. My psoriasis and PsA have been well controlled for several years first by Enbrel and now by Humira. I know I am one of the lucky ones. I have a wonderful doctor, lots of support and they caught it early. However recently even though my PsA is still pretty well under control my psoriasis has been flaring like crazy. I've had flares with the Humira before but this one is bad. Its all over my scalp and its making my hair fall out. My dermatologist said its because the hair follicles are being filled in and covered over by the psoriasis. I know in the grand scheme of things this isn't that big of deal. I am blessed to have only mild pain every day. To be able to move and walk and live my life, but i've been through so much to get to this well controlled place that this just feels like this one more thing that is crashing my world down. I mean how do I explain it to my friends. Its just so depressing to watch it happen. I don't really have a question, I just needed to share. Thanks for reading I really appreciate it.

'My dermatologist said its because the hair follicles are being filled in and covered over by the psoriasis.'.

yes. now take what i say as just my experience.

have you thought about shaving the scalp//???

30 years ago i started getting psoriasis on my body(arms, legs especially). what i did to control it was shave the affected area, which de facto was virtually my entire body. worked like a charm. within weeks my psoriasis was under control. i had a special way of shaving it, which is hard to convey over the internet in words, but basically i would press down somewhat harder on the razor than if i was just shaving the body hair like a woman. Also being very careful not to cause any bleeding which could lead to infection.

i always said i was shaving my skin, not my body hair when people teased me about it. back then, real men didnt shave their body hair like they do today(euphemistically referred to as "manscaping"), lol.

in some ways it backfired because my psoriasis was so well controlled by shaving the skin, i never felt the need to go back to a derm/rheum to get the psoriasis under control with proper medication, which in turn would have prevented the psA from getting as bad as it has for me.

keep yer chin up.