Humira and metallic taste in mouth

Received my first injection of Humira... not feeling to nifty at the moment.. has anyone experienced a metallic taste in their mouth? As I hate needles this was a big deal for me today. I will say the needle thing isn't the problem , for me it was the intense burning when it went in. It dissipated after 5 min or so but holy cow that was a bugger!

I hadn't noticed a metallic taste in my mouth when I was using Humira in the past. I am on another regime of it now (just started) and will pay attention. So far, nothing.

Monday was my first injection in a long while -- the only side effect so far, to put it politely, are gastrointestinal. :)

I was once stung by a number of wasps. The Humira injections remind me of that time. In a strange way I look forward to that stinging and the relief the injection brings.

I hope you will become accustomed to the injections and that they heltp you tremendously!

My Humira was just approved and will come via my mall order prescription service. Yeeeee haw i am excited as the pain is horrible. expecting relief and pay it comes with the meds. Should be here the 14th. Well let you know how it goes.

Hope it comes with the meds. Sorry for typo


That is AWESOME! Congrats and I hope it helps a ton :)

I just started a once-a-week Humira injection regimen. Hope we both do well!