Help, have a dilemma! Or mini one anyway

There is an airshow here tomorrow and the kids want to go( honestly so do I).
My dilemma is should I take the walker or not? Right now I am heading into week 4
of my remicade ( so the end of it) which is generally a very crappy week pain and fatigue wise.
I am gradually returning to work doing 8 hours three days a week. My ankles and knees are a
little sore, well more than a little but, I am not sure if the walker will cause me
more problems. Ie if I am using a walker tomorrow and handicap parking but on Monday go to work ok
will people think I am faking it. I am worried it us alot of walking and standing and the walker has a seat if I need to sit. But I am 36 and people do big seem to understand why one day I may have a cane or
walker and the next not. Help. I want to enjoy the show and my kids are so excited!!

Dear Kristen,

I cannot speak from experience with a cane or walker, because my hands and wrists will not hold me that well, but it is impossible to go through the grocery store without a cart, so maybe I need to try one. It is probably better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it. Always go for a seat option, my dear!

Wishing you a good day for the air show, and a memorable day with the kids!


Take the walker AND the cane. Make sure the walker has a basket. Its great for carrying the water. The cane is for anyone who makes a smart comment. I'd also take a spray bottle with water. It s great for cooling off the kids on the tarmack. Why would you let some insensitive ignorant clod ruin your kids day by laying a guilt trip on you? Use the cane (on them) as necessary. Make friends with your devices, they will be around longer than idiot frinds and realatives.

Hi :slight_smile: you do whatever makes you comfortable and makes your family day enjoyable and forget about the people that dont matter because at the end of the day, the people that love you will always be there for you and anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable are not worth another thought, enjoy your day :slight_smile: and have fun!!!

I'm late in answering but I wanted to say for future reference that I think you should bring it along. It doesn't matter what conclusions others may draw, what's important is that you can go and have the means to deal with a stressful situation. I have a cane that I use when I'm tired, sore or dizzy. At other times I can get around pretty well. That's just the way it is.

Be as comfortable as possible and enjoy.

Thanks all:

I went with my walker. Left the cane at home in case I was tempted
to use it as a weapon. Kids had a blast, I enjoyed the day( was exhausted and very sore after- but not there!)
Did get many looks esp when we used handicap parking, which I have a permit for. I tried to ignore them for the most part did ok. One lady was just plain rude and I told her she could contact my Rheumy if she had any problems with
my walker use. She thought I was too young so must be ‘playing it up for some kind of
Scam or worker’s comp case’. I just took about 20 breathes and offered her my doc’s number. She really did not know what to say then.

Was able to work 8 hours in the ICU and it was stinking busy! Did my shift then came home and passed out for four
hours- but did it and well I think. So drugs seem to be working, fingers crossed.

On another note; I used SPF 60 and still look like a boiled lobster. Anyone know if Arava or Remicade
make you very sun sensitive? I applied several times through out the day day but man o man I am toasty!

Thank you for your advice and support it is so nice to have done ‘place’ where people get it.

I don't know about the drugs, I'm convinced its the disease. Mom always said we were allergic to the sun.I'm not so sure it was just the sun either. tarmack at an air show is sorta like and oven, you may simply be baked.

Glad you had a great day.

Whoat, that woman was SERIOUSLY rude. Good for you for keeping your cool and giving her a GREAT answer. I'm impressed.

Glad you had a great time and sorry you got baked. Glad you took the walker along! Tough noogies if other people can't understand your need for it. You deserve it!

Good answer for the rude woman. I would have said, "Look you dumb s**t, I've got psoriatic arthritis, which I suspect that you're too stupid to pronounce, and it f****** hurts. You can either mind your own business and step aside, or we can call that policeman over there and let him tell you to get out of my face, which is it?"

Your answer probably worked better and is better for the kids to see.

Andrew: what I said does not mean I didn’t think along the same lines as you. But, I took a breath and refocused. Been trying to practice that. Besides … All the police were too busy watching the show! Hehe. Life in a Northern Town!