Advocating for Assistive Devices

Ok, I know I’m not the only one to resist things like picking up a cane for those bad days so I’m just gonna say - if you’re resisting consider picking one up anyway.

I finally broke down a couple days ago; my big toe on my left foot’s swollen double and painful to so much as touch let alone walk on. After wobbling about trying not to put pressure on it I stopped at Walgreen’s and picked up a cheap cane, and the next day, brought it to work. Let me tell you, just being able to take a little extra weight off that foot is really helping. Yesterday it was swollen just as much as the day before but it didn’t hurt as bad (and, hey, the other joints I was aggravating by walking weird didn’t hurt either!), and today I can almost walk on it. It might have been better today regardless, but yesterday was certainly easier with said cane then without.

Extra bonuses - people are extra courteous to you and don’t give you dirty looks when you use the elevator :wink:

I bought a cane a few years ago when my husband hurt his knee. I then used when I injured my foot. It was a bone bruise that took a good while to heal. It sits in my closet just waiting to be used again. I walk dogs as one of my jobs and it enabled me to get back to walking much faster.

My big concern with use of a cane at this point is for my hands. If I need a cane for more than short term in the future I’ll likely have an OT help me find a cane that is easier on the hands.

Oh yes, for sure - If I ever need a cane for more than a couple days I’m going to have to do the same. My poor hand feels almost bruised. But I’m betting by tomorrow I won’t need it (I barely need it today) and I plan on getting out some quilt batting and athletic tape to add more cushion to the handle soon.

I have canes, and two mobility scooters, and I can tell you that I resisted using all of them. But then I discovered that I could get through my day so much more easily if I just swallowed hard and used them. And I remind myself that at the end of the day there’s only one person (OK, maybe two) who will care about whether I’m lying in bed on pain meds, or having a pleasant evening.
Like you Subliminal, the “people factor” is big for me too. On the rare occasions when I go to the bank and stand in line unassisted and in pain, I get strange looks (and no consideration) when I leave the line and go sit on a chair. If I have a cane, and go sit down, people will almost always defer to me. And THEN I can thank them and/or make pleasant conversation. Think of it: that cane has made life easier for me, and more pleasant for another person.
I once had a beautiful cane with an ergonomic palm rest. It really took away the strain on my fingers. Loved it, untilI lost it going through airport security (I was on my scooter so wasn’t actively using it at the time). You’ve reminded me, I need to get another one of those. They really do save the hands and fingers.

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Yes! I’ts amazing what a difference it makes. I mean it’s not HUGE but it’s enough to save a spoon or so over the course of the day.

I’m totally looking up that cane. I might put it on my Christmas wishlist along with these magical slipper shoes I keep seeing on Facebook advertising (there’s an outsole you just slip on over the slipper, which seems perfect for when your feet are swollen and shoes don’t fit right). I think they’re Mahabia’s? Either that or I’m considering felting my own pair of slippers and gluing on those no slip sock rubber grips. heh.

In my world, every step and every spoon counts. I wish it wasn’t so, but it just is.

Have you priced those fabulous felt slipper things with the pull on soles??? You don’t need Santa, you need a sugar daddy. LOL

Oh yeah, they’re pricey. But I tend to buy expensive shoes anyway. They last longer and are far more comfortable. And I can’t wear tennis shoes because my arches are super weird (and when my feet swell I have no arches so they’d be out of the question for most of the summer). So, expensive leather shoes it is :wink:
There are fairly few other things I spend a lot of money on (clothes, occasionally, and yarn) and I have no kids (other than of the furry variety) and really great health insurance so I splurge in other areas.

I firmly believe there is no such thing as the right bra, if there were it would be an assistive device. I hate the $%**@* things so much I can still remove mine without actually taking off other clothes no matter how awkward or painful the procedure. At the moment my allegedly ultra-comfortable sloggi bra is giving me gip but vanity makes me put it on at the start of every day. It just gets tighter & tighter as inflammation takes hold of the rib area.

I am also dusting off my cane or ‘walking stick’ as we call them over here, as my left leg is now giving out randomly. I love what Seenie says about every spoon counting, it’s not a cheerful thought, but it’s a good bit of realism.

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Definitely with you about the bra thing. Though I’ve managed to find a few decently comfortable ones (I refuse anything with an underwire though - I seem to be allergic to them and it makes my P really angry) but it’s only worn for work or certain outings. The rest of the time it’s a tank/undershirt. But I’m not terribly blessed in the chest, so to speak :wink: Can’t wait for hoodie weather - then I can skip them at work too (we don’t have a dress code, thankfully).