Who Would Have Believed?

I've been slightly MIA here lately because I've been so busy! I co-coordinated a silent auction and theme baskets for a healthcare provider seminar and parenting conference. These events took place last Friday and Saturday, and yesterday I spent the day at an Earth Day festival setting up/hanging out in/cleaning up a carport sized tent for my non-profit. My long weekend started on Thursday, when I had to load my van with a ton of stuff, bring it to the hotel, and unload it all into my room (it took 3-4 trips!). There was a TON of work involved over the next few days, but somehow I managed to balance things and not need my wheelchair until Saturday. I used it almost exclusively to get around on Sunday, but still had energy and had a great time at the festival.

When I got home on Sunday evening, I totally crashed for a couple hours upon arriving home. Today, however, I'm doing better than anticipated. I've spent much of the day resting ... as much as possible with eight kids in the house (8 month old, 2 year old, 4 year old, 4 year old, 6 year old, 9 year old, 11 year old, 13 year old). My pain levels are actually manageable, which would never have been the case even three or four months ago.

Who would have believed I could do everything I've done over the past four days and come out of it without needing to sleep for 15 hours straight and not move much for days on end?

Just thinking about being in a house with eight kids makes me hurt, ha! Is your chair motorized, or does someone push you around, or do you do it solo?

I wheel myself, mostly. No motor involved. More often than not I have a four year old or six year old on the back of my chair as well, although my kids are all well trained in pushing their mother around when needed.

Nym, you give us all hope! (And I don't mean hope that we'll somehow have eight kids in the house!)

Remind us: what meds are you on now?


I'm on Enbrel and the occasional Tramadol for pain. I also take vit. B6, B12, and D supplements along with magnesium. I'm also gluten-free (I have celiac).