Hello and Update

Hi All,

To begin thanks to everyone for their nice comments on my previous posts, advice and private messages of good wishes.

So just said I would give an update..............

As I have not been on in a few days as I have had a horrible week(s) and still no improvement, in fact things are worse if anything.

To my dismay and upset from tomorrow morning this will be week four in hospital....so as you can all imagine I am sick of everything and fed up of my PsA.......this flare feels like it is going on for ever and ever......It is just not fair.


Carolynn I am so sorry you are suffering so much. It will get better. What measures are they taking now?

HUGS, Carolynn!

Carolynn, I'm sending a big {{hug}}} too. No, it isn't fair, not fair at all. We're keeping you in our thoughts, and hoping for better days.


Hi Carolynn, I would like to add my hugs! Heres hoping things will improve soon. Thinking of you. Louise

Oh dear :( more hugs your way. Have they changed your meds at all since we last spoke? It's awful that you have to deal with that pain. I'm sending positive energy your way, I hope you start to get some results soon!

I am sending all sorts of positive energy and hope for you!
Does the hospital have rec therapy; something for distraction?
Wish I was closer. Big, gentle hugs to you.

Try to stay strong and sane xoxo

Carolynn, I'm so sorry to hear things haven't improved for you. I was so hopeful that being in hospital would provide insight for your docs and they would be able to come up with just the right treatment for you. I know you were hoping so, too! You're right, it isn't fair to suffer so long. I hope things turn around soon. Gentle hugs!

Carolynn, Im sorry that I havent been in touch with you lately and i am even more sorry that you are not feeling any better at all! I am praying for you I hope that you are able to find some relief from your pain and I know that eventually you will!