Good News/Bad News

Good news: the water pipe that was frozen in the crawl space FINALLY thawed out with the help of a carefully placed 100W light bulb.

Bad news: the temperature will be down to 8F below on Monday.

Good news: a couple of homeless guys have been patrolling our neighborhood helping clear sidewalks for a small fee.

Bad news: the aforementioned snow removal team were too far away to get a license plate of the faded maroon Isuzu Rodeo that jumped the sidewalk, ploughed through our limestone driveway wall, crossed our entry steps and took out our handrail at 10:15am before backing up and driving away.

Good news: we have homeowners' insurance and a great handyman.

Bad news: the ground is too frozen for a repair of the handrail and the total repair cost is likely $20 less than our deductible.

Good news: 5mg of prednisone daily seems to be helping with pain and swelling.

Bad news: because of the prednisone I can no longer regulate my body temperature so I sleep in flannel pajamas, fleece jacket, socks and gloves with a heating pad in a house heated to 70F and I'm still cold.

Good news: I booked a vacation for a week in Zihuatenejo, MX.

Bad news: it is still 29 long cold days from now.

Keep calm and carry on.

Keep your eye on that zihuatanejo ball! It’s lovely.

The cold weather is really a lot of fun. Good for you, that you've booked a vacation.

Good for you Jane! I think. I am not even sure what a Zihuatenojo is....but if you're happy I am happy!

I hope you and Ellen have a ball! Or a honeymoon!