Can't sleep

Aside being kept awake by the usual aches and pains there’s a small stream flowing through my basement after mild temperatures melted 12" of snow and 3.75" of rain has fallen in the last 24 hours. Luckily the basement is also the garage and the floor drains work. Picked up all the important stuff from the low-lying areas already. The kayaks stored down there are beginning to make more sense. The rain is not helping my joint pain.

Hi there Jane, I’ve given up trying to sleep too, roaming the house as my back is sore.
Bet the stream in your basement isn’t helping your peace of mind at night either.
As you say, perfect place for the kayaks!! Hope you get some rest x

Sorry about your sleepless night, Louise. I hate it for the both of us!

You had the extra bad weather. We had 6-8" of snow, but no rain to wash it away super quick. At least the floor drain is working. I wouldn't be sleeping well either under those conditions.