Today wasn't the best. The morning was awful. I was so stiff and could hardly move. My mom (sorry if you are reading this mom i still love you a lot) said "are you sure its not just all in your head?" I am quite positive that it isn't all in my head. So I went to school without washing my hair and in the same shirt I wore to bed because I just couldn't. It hurt to much to even think about moving. I hate the rain and how it makes me feel. I don't understand why it makes me hurt. I also have been getting headaches on a daily basis and I don't know why.

sorry sweetie.changes in the weather can be terrible on your joints and pain. it is really hard when you don't _look_sick to get people to understand how badly you feel. maybe you and your mom can come up with a code for yourselves.even if you simply say "6" or "4" for how much pain out of 10 you feel in the morning. and remember, too, that the mornings are ALWAYS the worst. things get better as you loosen up.

i hate to suggest getting up earlier than you have to (i'm NOT a morning person), but giving your joints more time to loosen up before you head out can make a difference. a hot bath or shower can help. in the same vein, i don't like going to bed because the evening is the time my body is at its best and my joints are most loose. and i know by morning i'll be back to stiff and achy.

I posted the link below today but when i read it I thought of your post.

It's a list of 12 things not to say to someone with a chronic illness. The first is "disease is all in the mind"!! http://www.healthline.com/health-news/ms-12-things-not-to-say-022814.

Janeatiu, I like that idea about the numbers. Yes mornings are always awful. I get up at 6am and I'm super stiff. I like the link you posted its so true, I wouldn't want to hear those things all the time!