French Manicure

They don't come any sillier or more OT than this one. My psoriasis has been at my nails for years. A few of my nails are still attachced to my finger only around one edge or at the very base of the nail. Dermatologist years ago told me use clear acrylic fingernail polish and paint on the nail, the cuticle and the skin around the nail to help keep them in place. I followed his advice and I've only lost one so far in all these years.

But the nails are pitted. The ones that are not well attached have collected stuff under them--dirt (I garden), hair color, and anything else that can fit in there between the nail and the finger under the nail. In short, my nails are a mess.

I paint them with regular colored polish becuase it hides the stuff under the nails and fills in the pits on top of the nail. But I would really like to try a French Manicure...the clear polish with the tips of the nails white. Have any of you ever tried it? Is there a way to make it work without resorting to artificial nails?

Thanks in advance for any advice.


This isn't off topic, Byrdfeeder! If you feel pretty, you feel better. And hands are so, so ... visible. My nails are a project for me right now. For years I've been filing/nibbling them right down, thinking it was fungus and believing that I shouldn't put anything on top of fungal nails. So, trying to look at the bright side: when I discovered I had psoriasis, I figured the good news was that I could (and probably should) cover them with something.

If you can find a nice pale pink/fleshtone polish as a base color, then the white edge can be added on to give you the look you want. Go surfing: there's an unbelievable number of beauty advice sites. I've been looking for an opaque-ish natural polish to disguise the lifting of my nails. Haven't quite found the perfect one, but I'm getting close.

I would go for a professional manicure to test drive the color and the look, if I were you. I've got an appointment on Saturday.


Thanks, Seenie! I was thinking that base coat on a French manicure was transparent, period. I should have guessed there might be an opaque one out there somewhere. I doubt I would try to complete a French manicure myself; it would probably end up to be a total disaster! I've been wearing a very pretty pinkish color which has done nicely in terms of covering the discoloration and filling in the pitted areas, but I'm thinking it would be nice to get the other look.

In a PsA world, where the problems are usually very big, it's nice to have a small one for a change. :-)

I agree with Seenie! If you feel better about how you look, it helps your overall outlook. I LOVE doing my nails, and sometimes can pull off a French manicure on my own (when the hands are agreeable). I would recommend going to Ulta beauty store if you have one near you, they have GREAT nail stuff that you could also bring to a manicurist as their selections are sometimes limited. I like the brands Essie and OPI as they have great staying power. I also use a protein base coat by Essie to help nail health and it makes the polish stay on longer. Also, OPI has a rapid dry spray that I love that makes polish dry much quicker and stronger - great for at home. These things are worth the splurge to me :slight_smile:

Thank you for responding to my question. I may get the courage one day to tr another home French manicure. I wish I could think of a good descriptor for what that looked like when I tried it a few years ago. Starfish come to mind… It wasnt pretty. But I’m willing to get a huge bottle of polish remover and try again. What do you lose? A couple of hours, which was entertaining anyway. So I may sign on again. I’ll have to talk to someoone about the exact procedure for my horrible nails! Thanks, Gals, for taking time for girl talk. It helps. :slight_smile:

We're dyin' to know, Byrd ... did you do it? How've ya been, anyway?

No, not yet. But not because I"m chicken. I have been sick (sinus infection) and spending my free time trying to get my rheumie's office to tell me if I should stop my MTX while I have this infection. GRRRRRRRRRR But I am very much ready to try the fingernail thing. My SIL has agreed to do Thanksgiving dinner this year (I usually have that honor). So since I won't have my hands in so much food/water, that week may be the time I take the plunge! I've already picked out the salon. I'm getting there! Thanks for asking. I'll keep you posted!!

Thanks for your encouragement. Next I'm going to ask about hair color. l ol

So how are things going for you gals? I hope everyone is well and having nothing but good days with Uncle Arthur. Let me know!

Thanks, Seenie, for giving me a smile this evening! ;-)

And thanks, Byrd, for giving me a smile this morning! ;-)

I was going to suggest a salon job, but hesitated because it tends to be a bit expensive. I was inspired by your first post, and went (for the first time in YEARS) for a professional manicure. Oh, what a treat that was! I'm going back next week for another. And for a pedicure!

Hope you get this sinus thing under control ... take care, send a pic of your digits if you get a chance, OK? LOL


Well, I finally did it. I got my French manicure! YAY! She used shellac. Said my nails were in great shape in spite of the fact that Uncle Arthur has separated my nails from my fingers, and has made ridges and pits in the nails. She started with something that builds up the surface of the nail so you have a smooth nail to paint on. No more ridges! :-)

I chose a clear base color with some pink in it, and after two coats, you could no longer see the discolored areas on my nails. Supposed to last two weeks. It's been a week today, and I honestly do not see any chips or fading. Yay! Yay! I am so happy I tried it. But, wow, bummer that it costs $70 a month to keep up with it. I'll probably do it through the holidays while I am so busy, and then go back to polish for a while. But at least I know it's out there and it works for me and my nails don't have to look so crappy!!!!

Thanks guys for gently nudging me into having a French manicure. Feeling pretty does help make you feel better. Definitely words of wisdom.