I have a question for anyone that has experience... I've had tiny pits in my nails, small lines and tiny white spots all my life and never thought anything of it. Otherwise, my nails are normal. I actually get compliments on them a lot. My question is... can my nails stay like this and not get worse? Or am I destined if I have some stuff going on with my nails (and have all my life) to have them fall off/discolor/thicken?

I can't say for sure that your nails will never get worse. I have nails like you it sounds like, and they have been this way all of my life as well, although, I had one instance with bad psoriasis of a toenail, but after I was put on Enbrel that seemed to clear it up. Psoriasis and PsA affect everyone differently, so I would definitely suggest you talk to your Dermatologist or Rheumatologist.

Hi Natalieb,

I've had the little pits and lines all my life as well and with the exception of one nail, that has never changed. The bad nail, a thumbnail, was actually the clue to my doctors about what was going on and led to my PsA diagnosis so I can't complain too much about it. So no, you aren't necessarily destined to have bad stuff happen to your nails. Treat them well (trauma can lead to more/new nail problems) and hopefully they will treat you well!


:) thanks guys!