Quick question about nail psoriasis

A couple of weeks ago, I had what looked like classic psoriasis under one nail. Kind of dirty looking under one edge (when it wasn't) that developed into a yellow streak inside the nail along the edge. Looked like I had a mustard stain in there. Also had the same color along a little patch of dug up skin along the outside of the nail, and a small piece of yellow "gunk" under the nail, which I removed. (Sorry for the graphic image there.)

The yellow stuff quickly disappeared. I still have the dirty looking area along the edge (too far in for dirt), now on two fingers. And that's it.

Now comes my question: Can psoriasis disappear that quickly or was it something else entirely?

Dunno. Normally the nail forms a rent or ridges. The yellow comes and goes for me ( mostly comes)

P does not come and go that fast. Something else entirely.

Take pictures! ! I gave you that finger nail link, but have no idea where it is in all this stuff!

Make sure to add this to your on-going list that you take to the Doctor. I hope you finally get a diagnosis, Pet. Try to google it, see what you get. It's 4:07 AM, I surely would like to go to sleep soon!

The most LIKLEY spot for it show up BTW is on your big toe on the side of your body that hurts the worst......